Traditional and contemporary folk from the British Isles

NIC JONES : Canadee-I-O STOP2411

Nic Jones’ Penguin Eggs LP was first released on Topic Records in June 1980 to great critical acclaim.  The album continues to be a mainstay of the Topic Records catalogue, consistently repressed on CD and vinyl, and available digitally, but Nic’s music has never been released on a 7” single, until now.

The perfect combination of guitar, voice and recording technique, ‘Canadee-I-O’ is the first track on Penguin Eggs, showcases Nic’s infectiously rhythmic guitar-style and vocal strength, and his peerless arrangement was used by Bob Dylan when he recorded a version for the 1992 album ‘Good As I Been To You’.

The B-side is a song Nic had been playing and singing as ‘The Flanders Shore’ for some years before this recording; ‘The Flandyke Shore’ is a mysterious and moving tale of love and loss, given poignancy and depth by his unique delivery.

The limited edition single is presented in a new Topic label sleeve with an additional sheet of photographs and period reviews.

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One of a selection of cornerstone Topic recordings being released on vinyl as part of Topic Records’ 75th anniversary, SHIRLEY COLLINS’ Heroes in Love EP will be released in September 2014 in a front-laminated, flipback sleeve, just like the original, and a new illustrated inner with period reviews from the Topic archives.

Shirley Collins’ uniquely pure and delicate voice means that she is now regarded as one of the quintessential artists of the 1960s folk revival; this record is a highlight of that period, and this reissue comes at a time when Shirley is revitalizing her musical career with new performances and a film in progress documenting her life in music.

Very rare in its original form, this will be the first time this iconic record has been made available as a vinyl EP since its first release half a century ago. We have endeavoured to faithfully match the original Topic EP sleeve with a beautiful gloss-laminated limited edition flip-back sleeve.

Topic’s first ever record was a shellac 78rpm, TRC.1., ‘The Man That Waters The Workers’ Beer’ b/w ‘The Internationale’; now, 75 years and many technological shifts later, the label’s latest releases are a series of vinyl records celebrating that 75th anniversary and a continuing love affair with a piece of plastic that is still the most exciting format on which to listen to music.

The False Bride / Locks and Bolts b/w Rambleaway / A Blacksmith Courted Me

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songs of resistance, democracy + peace

Reconnecting with its roots in the Workers’ movement, Topic has collaborated with the General Federation of Trade Unions in ‘Voice & Vision’, a new double-CD set of songs of resistance, democracy and peace. This fabulous collection gathers together legendary Topic artists such as Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, Norma Waterson, Pete Seeger, Louis Killen, Anne Briggs and Martin Carthy, alongside newer voices like Fran Morter and Adam Rees, Kiti Theobald, Jack Forbes, and 17 year old Piers Haslam.

A collection of songs that form a history of dissent, collaboration and the collective drive for what is right and just, ‘Voice & Vision’ is a stunning set of music and words that speak across generations and boundaries of the basic human right to dignity.

A triumphantly topical vision of solidarity….released by Topic Records and the General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU), and both partners are to be congratulated for having the vision to reaffirm the power of song and the role that it has, does and will play in the fight for a better future.”

★★★★★ The Morning Star

The World Turned Upside Down ~ Dick Gaughan
The Diggers’ Song ~ Chumbawamba                                            
The Hard Times of Old England ~ Roy Bailey                              
To The Begging I Will Go ~ Ewan MacColl                                    
The Recruited Collier ~ Anne Briggs                                             
The Rigs Of The Time ~ Shirley Collins                                         
The Month of May ~ The Copper Family                          
Jerusalem ~ Bob Davenport                                                           
Captain Swing ~ Brian Denny                                            
General Ludd’s Triumph ~ M G Boulter               
Four Loom Weaver ~ The Oldham Tinkers                      
Poverty Knock ~ Roy Harris                                                           
Song of the Lower Classes ~ Fran Morter & Adam Rees             
The Internationale ~ The Topic Singers & Band 
Black Leg Miner ~ Louis Killen
Free & Easy ~ Piers Haslam
Bringing The News from Nowhere ~ Leon Rosselson
Alice White ~ Kiti Theobald
Joe Hill ~ Paul Robeson
Talking Union Blues ~ Pete Seeger
The Man That Waters The Workers’ Beer ~ Paddy Ryan
Dominion of the Sword ~ Martin Carthy
Palaces of Gold ~ Martin Simpson
Saltley Gates ~ Banner Theatre
Coal Not Dole ~ Norma Waterson
Harry Stone – Hearts of Coal ~ John Tams
Rolling Down The River ~ Jack Forbes
If You Want A Better Life ~ Peggy Seeger
War ~ The First of May Band


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Our colleagues at Fledg’ling Records also have a facsimile archive SHIRLEY COLLINS EP available.

At the beginning of Shirley Collins’ recording career in 1959 she recorded a series of 7” vinyl EPs. Originally released in short press runs, these rare early recordings have been very hard to find for nearly five decades. This newly re-mastered edition of ‘The Foggy Dew’ EP will be released in September 2014 in a front-laminated, flipback sleeve, just like the original, and an illustrated inner bag with period reviews from the archives.
Very rare in its original form, this will be the first time this iconic record has been made available as a vinyl EP since its first release half a century ago.

“… picking her way back across almost a century,
finding for herself the
traditional heart of each song…
What comes through is sincerity, purity of

instinct, and a tremendous depth of feeling.” Alan Lomax

SHIRLEY COLLINS : vocal & banjo
with ROBIN HALL : guitar

1  The Berkshire Tragedy
2  The Foggy Dew
3  Geordie
4  Brigg Fair