Traditional and contemporary folk from the British Isles


The HIGHPOINT Definitive collections provide a marvelous budget introduction to the recordings of some of Topic’s finest.
With a playing time of over one hour each CD is a carefully compiled introduction to a musician’s recording career.

HIGHPOINT 6004 The WATERSONS Definitive Collection
track list: 1  God Bless The Master, 2  Dido Bendigo, 3  The Welcome Sailor, 4  Emmanuel, 5  Idumea, 6  The Still And Silent Ocean, 7  Fathom The Bowl, 8  Fare Thee Well Cold Winter, 9  The Holmfirth Anthem, 10  Stormy Winds, 11  Rosebuds In June,  12  Bellman, 13  Sleep On Beloved, 14  Swansea Town, 15  The Beggar Man, 16  Amazing Grace, 17  The Old Churchyard, 18  Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy, 19  Malpas Wassail

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HIGHPOINT 6005 ELIZA CARTHY  The Definitive Collection
track list: 1  The Light Dragoon, 2  Greenwood Laddie / Mrs Capron’s Reel / Tune, 3  Mother Go Make My Bed / Flower Of Swiss Cottage, 4  Cold, Wet & Rainy Night / The Grand Hornpipe, 5  Fisher Boy, 6  Billy Boy / The Widow’s Wedding, 7  French Stroller, 8  Stumbling On, 9  Blow THe Winds / The Game Of Draughts, 10  Mons Meg, 11  Diego’s Bold Shore, 12  Go From My Window, 13  Child Among The Weeds.

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HIGHPOINT 6012  WATERSON:CARTHY  The Definitive Collection
track list: 1  Bold Dohertry, 2  Stars In My Crown, 3  Ye Mariners All, 4  Rowling Hornpipe / Our Cat Has Kitted / Bleaton Gardens / Sportsman’s Hornpipe, 5  The Forsaken Mermaid, 6  Hares In The Old Plantation, 7  The Bay Of Biscay, 8  Balancy Straw / Seventeen Come Sunday / Whitefriar’s Hornpipe, 9  Captain Kidd, 10  Flash Company, 11  The Devil And The Farmer, 12  Jacob’s Well, 13  Goodbye Fare Thee Well.

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HIGHPOINT 6013  NORMA WATERSON  The Definitive Collection
track list: 1  With Kitty I’ll Go, 2  Once In A Blue Moon, 3  Polly’s Love, 4  Sheep Crook & Black Dog, 5  Fare Thee Well Cold Winter, 6  Song For Thirza, 7  Hard Times Heart, 8  Grace Darling, 9  Fallen Leaves, 10  Black Muddy River, 11  Bright Shiny Morning, 12  Flowers Of Knareborough Forest, 13  The Outlandish Knight, 14  Meeting Is A Pleasure, 15  Ain’t No Sweet Man Worth The Salt Of My Tears.

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TSCD911 Some of the best Indian music is intended to be heard in the open, played either in musicians’ galleries over gateways or in courtyards. As one would expect, the instruments must be such as will carry. The subtleties of refined indoor music, with its gradual development of a rãg, would be unsuitable. But with classical naubat (tracks 1 & 2), there are other subtleties, especially in the percussion. In the popular naubat (tracks 4 & 6), it is the melody that counts.

1 Classical Naubat Shahn ã’i (Mundra)

2 Classical Naubat Shahn ã’i (Ajmer)

3 Kacchi Kãfi Shahn ã’i

4 Popular Naubat (Jabbalpur)

5 Mashak (Indian bagpipes)

6 Popular Naubat Shahn ã’i (Bhopal)

FLED 3097 BOB & RON COPPER ~ Traditional Songs From Rottingdean

In 1963 the English Folk Dance and Song Society released an LP of unaccompanied singing that has had a tremendous influence on the folk song revivals of Britain, Ireland and the United States. The album collected together a number of recordings of Bob and Ron Copper of Rottingdean in Sussex, recordings made by the reknowned folksong collector Peter Kennedy during the late 1950s.

The Copper Family can trace their roots in traditional song back at least two hundred years. Their rare southern English harmony is presented at its most outstanding in these classic performances from the 1950s and early ’60s.

To celebrate the centenary of Bob Copper’s birth, Fledg’ling Records in collaboration with the Copper Family and Topic Records are releasing a new CD edition of this seminal album. The package recreates all the original artwork and Bob Copper’s complete sleevenotes (the original EFDSS LP only contained a shortened version of the essay).

track list: 1. Two Brethren,  2. Month of May,  3. Honest Labourer,  4. Birds in the Spring,  5. Shepherd in Love,   6. Threshing Song,  7. Dame Durden,  8. Season Round,  9. Innocent Hare,  10. Lark in the Morning,  11. Hard Times of Old England,  12. Spencer the Rover,  13. Spring Glee,  14. Good Ale,  15. Babes in the Wood,  16. Cupid’s Garden