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TRADITIONAL SONGS OF LOVE & LUST – A collection of erotic folk song.

These songs were made by men and women in close touch with nature, in tune with the run of the seasons, the growthy of crops, the increase of stock, the fruitfulness of their own kind. They are mainly concerned with the great clean truths of desire and fulfilment, love and fruitfulness.

1   The Two Magicians — AL Lloyd (with Dave Swarbrick)
2   The Old man From Over the Sea — Frankie Armstrong
3   The Wanton Seed — AL Lloyd
4   Gathering Rushes in the Month of May — Anne Briggs
5   The Banks of Sweet Primroses — Louis Killen (acc. concertina)
6   The Maid on the Shore — Frankie Armstrong
7   The Bonny Black Hare — AL Lloyd (with Dave Swarbrick)
8   The Whirly Whorl — Anne Briggs
9   Pretty Polly — AL Lloyd
10  The Night Visiting Song — Norman Kenneddy
11  The Old Bachelor — AL Lloyd (with Dave Swarbrick & Alf Edwards)
12  The Cock — Louis Killen
13  The Stonecutter Boy — Anne Briggs
14  The Mower — AL Lloyd
15  The Bird in the Bush — Frankie Armstrong
16  The Pegging Awl — AL Lloyd (with Alf Edwards)
17  One May Morning — Louis Killen
18  Martinmas Time — Anne Briggs
19  The Widow of Westmorland’s Daughter — AL Lloyd (with Dave Swarbrick & Alf Edwards

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Topic Treasures

Deluxe CD re-issues of classic Topic albums with original artwork, expanded sleeve notes, unseen photos and bonus tracks.

22nd March 2019 will see the release of the first three titles in the all-new Topic Treasures series. Beautiful deluxe CD re-issues of classic Topic albums with expanded sleeve notes, bonus material and unseen photographs.

Martin Simpson - Prodigal SonMartin Simpson – Prodigal Son

Considered by many in the folk world as one of Martin Simpsons finest albums, Topic are proud to present here in their 80th year the first release on the Topic Treasures imprint, deluxe issues of classic Topic albums from the label. Prodigal Son, the classic album in all its glory along with a bonus disc of live tracks hand-picked by Martin Simpson himself.

Originally released in 2007, the album was hailed a classic, receiving 4- and 5-star reviews in such publications as The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Daily Express and Observer while Folk publications such as fRoots raved about its wonderment!

Tracks like ‘Duncan & Brady’ an American ballad originally recorded by Leadbelly and ‘Good Morning Mr. Railroad Man’ clearly indicate Martin Simpsons love for traditional American roots music and the wonderful cover of Randy Newman’s track ‘Louisiana 1927’ delve into historical event territory.

One of the stand out tracks if there is such a thing on this album of quality is ‘Never Any Good’ a song about Father and Son relationship, stands out as the shining star. In truth the whole album is a true tour de force and a beautiful body of work from one of the greatest guitar players in the world.

The bonus disc 2 features 9 live tracks recorded at the Union Chapel in Islington, London on 13th November 2007 and features Andy Cutting, Andy Seward and Kellie While in Martin Simpsons band for the gig. Tracks such as ‘Duncan and Brady’, ‘Never Any Good’ and ‘Good Morning Mr Railroad Man’ are played with such beauty and style.

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Anne BriggsAnne Briggs

A long overdue reissue of the classic first album from Anne Briggs on Topic. Widely regarded as a long-lost treasure and recorded in 1971 by Sean Davies and featuring Johnny Moynihan from Sweeny’s Men on bouzouki.

Anne Briggs began singing in local folk clubs in her teens. In 1962 she became part of the Centre 42 tour which was a leftist group of artists, writers, actors and musicians whose aim was to make arts and culture accessible to the masses. Ewan MacColl first heard Briggs’ remarkable voice and persuaded her to join the group and tour. There Briggs met MacColl’s comrade A.L. ‘Bert’ Lloyd who became her mentor.

Briggs debut EP, The Hazards Of Love, was produced by Lloyd. Lloyd also recorded Briggs for Topic released albums The Iron Muse and The Bird In The Bush.

In 1971 Anne Briggs recorded this, her debut full length album simply named Anne Briggs with Johnny Moynihan of Sweeny’s Men appearing on one track. Tracks include ‘Blackwater Side’, ‘The Snow It melts The Soonest’ and ‘Go Your Way (My Love)’.

Famously, Briggs taught Bert Jansch the song ‘Blackwater Side’, which he recorded on his classic 1965 debut album; the next year his pivotal traditional album Jack Orion largely comprised songs he learnt from Briggs who helped him understand the structure of folk song. Briggs and Jansch also wrote a handful of songs together. ‘Go Your Way’ being one of them.

Briggs went onto recorded a follow up album The Time Has Come later that same year for CBS. Two years later she recorded again but blocked the album’s release because she was so disheartened by her singing and retired from the limelight only to resurface in the mid 90’s to perform with Bert Jansch for a TV documentary.

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Shirley Collins - The Sweet PrimerosesShirley Collins – The Sweet Primeroses

Topic Records are proud to present the Shirley Collins album The Sweet Primeroses plus bonus material by way of the Heroes Of Love Topic EP with sleeve notes by Colin Irwin and photos by Brian Shuel and packaged with the original album artwork.

During the 1960s and 70s Shirley Collins was regarded by many as the first lady of folk music, the subsequent decades have only served to enhance that reputation. Between 1955 and 1978 she recorded for the Folkways, Argo, Harvest and Topic labels. After the release of ‘For As Many As Will’ in 1978 she withdrew from performing and the music world after developing dysphonia. Shirley recently returned to recording after a very long hiatus and is still widely acknowledged as one of the finest singers and ambassadors to have emerged during the Folksong Revival of the 1960s.

Few singers of the English folk revival have attempted as much on record as Collins – an extraordinary combination of fragility and power. “I like music to be fairly straightforward, simply embellished – the performance without histrionics allowing you to think about the song rather than telling you what to think.” Through an impressive series of experimental recordings Shirley established an extraordinarily sympathetic marriage of traditional songs handed down through generations of rural labouring people with ground breaking contemporary arrangements – recordings that have scarcely been equalled in subsequent decades.

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June Tabor’s Airs and Graces follows the first three Topic Treasures releases on the 26th April.

June Tabor - Airs and GracesJune Tabor – Airs and Graces

For four decades and more since that day in 1976 when June Tabor ventured into Sound Techniques – a small barn in Fulham converted into a recording studio – to make her very first solo album, she’s been consistently revered, not just in folk music circles, but many realms beyond.

With a voice of rarefied beauty, a subtly emotive and imaginative delivery and an unerring ear for a song to make us cry, laugh, get angry, be sad and think a lot, she holds a special place in the hearts of all who crave more of music than the superficial gloss in which we usually find it wrapped, sealed and delivered.

Airs and Graces features 10 beautifully recorded tracks featuring Folk legends Nic Jones on guitar and fiddle and John Gillaspie playing piano, organ, roxichord, bassoon and sopranino recorder! This classic first solo album by June was a long time coming but was well worth the wait. This beautiful Topic Records Deluxe issue includes 4 bonus tracks hand-picked by June herself along with an introduction and notes by June and respected Folk journalist Colin Irwin.

Tracks include While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping, Bonny May, Reynardine and the Eric Bogle classic The Band Played Waltzing Matilda. This track stopped people in their tracks, routinely reduced audiences to tears and went on to have a colourful and slightly bizarre life of its own. The June Tabor version remains one of the most telling and emotive anti-war statements ever.

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Dick Gaughan’s Handful of Earth (Topic Treasures edition) is released on 17th May.

Dick Gaughan - Handful of EarthDick Gaughan – Handful of Earth

Although originally released in November 1981, time has been good to ‘Handful Of Earth.’ The passage of the years has done little to erode its magisterial strength and potency as a milestone within traditional music – one that quickly established Dick Gaughan as one of the most passionate and fiercely political British folk singers. Greatly inspired by the political turmoil in Scotland following the Conservative Party victory at the 1979 general election, the album was also Gaughan’s first after spending several years largely avoiding playing music while regaining his health following a mental breakdown in 1979.

Instantly recognised as a masterwork straightaway (a Melody Maker magazine album of the year), over the course of the decade, panegyrics and plaudits proliferated – Folk Roots’ (now fRoots) readers and critics voting it the album of the decade in 1989. In terms of influence, Handful Of Earth is up there with the select pantheon of The Watersons’ Frost and Fire, Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick’s Prince Heathen, Nic Jones’ Penguin Eggs and June Tabor & Martin Simpson’s A Cut Above. Amongst its legions of fans, Billy Bragg and comedian/writer Stewart Lee cite it as one of their favourite albums ever.

‘Handful Of Earth’ contains a quiver of traditional and contemporary songs – Robert Burns’ lyrical, ‘Now Westlin Winds,’ the feisty ‘Erin Go Bragh,’ Phil & June Colclough’s evocative, ‘Song For Ireland’ and his own reworking of the traditional ‘Both Sides The Tweed,’ which calls for Scottish independence without sacrificing friendship with the rest of the UK (as topical now as it ever was).

Gaughan’s fifth solo studio LP and his third for Topic, with Mick Campbell’s apposite cover portrait of our man in black against the backdrop of an industrial/agricultural landscape, was clearly a classic from the start. The label’s original press release, written by head honcho, Tony Engle, began :”With his new record, Dick Gaughan has surpassed himself. I’ve always had great respect for Dick, and admired all his records, but Handful of Earth puts him on a new and even higher level. I think it’s the most powerful and inventive record he’s ever made.” Engle goes even further : “This is a record that actually advances music.”

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An Introduction to June Tabor & An Introduction to Anne Briggs

The second two releases in our Introduction series are available now

An Introduction to June TaborAn Introduction to June Tabor (TICD003)
An introduction to the magical work of June Tabor. Covering songs from her many record releases on the Topic Record label between 1976 to 2011. June Tabor is quiet simply one of Britain’s greatest interpreters of popular Folk song and has been described by Elvis Costello as ‘The great voice of English folk music’.

Available now from the Topic Shop,, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and all good music retailers.

Track list: 1. While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping / 2. The Band Played Waltzing Matilda / 3. The Devil and Bailiff McGlynn / 4. No Man’s Land / Flowers of The Forest / 5. Unicorns / 6. The Scarecrow / 7. Aqaba / 8. Hedger And Ditcher / 9. Shallow Brown / 10. A Place Called England / 11. Maybe Then I’ll Be A Rose / 12. Oh! Alas, I Am In Love / 13. The Rigs Of Rye / 14. Finisterre / 15. The Dark End Of The Street

An Introduction to Anne BriggsAn Introduction to Anne Briggs (TICD004)
An introduction to the magical work of Anne Briggs. Tracks include early recordings featured on albums ‘The Iron Muse’ and ‘The Bird In The Bush’ as well as material from her Hazards of Love E.P. and stunning solo album simply titled Anne Briggs. There is also the inclusion of tracks from her long-lost album ‘Sing A Song For You’.

Available now from the Topic Shop,, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and all good music retailers.

Track list: 1. The Recruited Collier / 2. The Doffing Mistress / 3. Polly Vaughan / 4. Rosemary Lane / 5. Gathering Rushes In The Month Of May / 6. The Stonecutter Boy / 7. Blackwater Side / 8. Go Your Way (My Love) / 9. The Cuckoo / 10. Reynardine / 11. Young Tambling / 12. Maa Bonny Boy / 13. Sing A Song For You / 14. The Bonambuie / 15. Tongue In Cheek


A two CD set of songs by Southern English Gypsy Traditional singers.

I’m A Romany Rai is selected and presented by Shirley Collins from classic field recordings made in the 1950s by Peter Kennedy.
Series Editor – Reg Hall.

Amongst he 59 historic recordings on these two discs are powerful recordings of many of the finest Southern English Gypsy traditional singers including Tom Willett, Phoebe Smith, Charlie Scamp, Sheila Smith and Rebecca Penfold. The second CD is entirely devoted to recordings of Carolyne Hughes and her family.

CD1: I Were Borned in an Old Gypsy Wagon
1. Phoebe Smith: I’m a Romany Rai
2. Tom Willett: The Roaming Journeyman
3. Janet Penfold: Won’t You Buy My Sweet Blooming Lavender?
4. Rebecca Penfold: The Banks of Sweet Primroses
5. Charlie Scamp: How Old Are You, My Pretty Fair Maid?
6. Mary Fuller: Oh, What a Life
7. Wally Fuller: The Game of Cards
8. Charlie Scamp: Come, Father, Build Me a Boat
9. Sheila Smith: Dear Father, Pray Build Me a Boat
10. Phoebe Smith: Higher Germany
11. Tom Willett: The Rose of Ardene
12. Rebecca Penfold: Meeting is a Pleasant Place
13. Jack Fuller: Briny O’Then
14. Wally Fuller: The Bold Drunkards
15. Chris Willett: The Little Ball of Yarn
16. Jack Fuller: Green Grow the Laurels
17. Rebecca Penfold: The Banks of the Sweet Dundee
18. Charlie Scamp: Young Leonard
19. Phoebe Smith: Down by the Sheepfold
20. Chris Willett: Thorny Park
21. Wally Fuller: The Bold Poachers
22. Tom & Chris Willett: Down by the Tanyard Side
23. Wally Fuller: I Am a Man That’s Done Wrong to My Parents
24. Charlie Scamp: Barbary Allen
25. Charlie Scamp: A Blacksmith Courted Me
26. Phoebe Smith: A Blacksmith Courted Me

CD2: Carolyne Hughes and her Family
1. Carolyne Hughes: The Soldier and the Lady
2. Carolyne Hughes: The Sprig of Thyme
3. Carolyne Hughes: A Blacksmith Courted Me
4. Carolyne Hughes: The London Murder
5. Carolyne Hughes & daughter: As I Was A-walking One May Summer’s Morning
6. Carolyne Hughes: Once I Had a Colour
7. Carolyne Hughes: My Father He Built Me a Shady Bower
8. Carolyne Hughes: Georgie
9. Carolyne Hughes: Young Willie
10. Carolyne Hughes: My Black Dog and Sheep Crook
11. Carolyne Hughes: If I Were a Blackbird
12. Carolyne Hughes: Down by the Old Riverside
13. Carolyne Hughes: A Wager, a Wager
14. Carolyne Hughes: The Brake of Briars
15. Carolyne Hughes: The Bird in the Bush
16. Carolyne Hughes: Flash Girls and Airy
17. Carolyne Hughes: The Game of Cards
18. Carolyne Hughes: Catch Me, Bold Rogue, If You Can
19. Celia Hughes: Jealousy Thoughts
20. John Hughes: The Long Lost Child
21. Carrie Warren: Henry My Son
22. John Hughes: Barbry Allen
23. Carolyne Hughes & Daughter: Billy Boy
24. Carolyne Hughes: The Cuckoo
25. Carolyne Hughes: Died for Love
26. Carolyne Hughes: Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender
27. Carolyne Hughes: The Little Boy
28. Carolyne Hughes: Adieu to Old England
29. Carolyne Hughes: The Butcher Boy
30. Carolyne Hughes: My Truelove Was a Sailor Lad
31. Carolyne Hughes: Meet Me Tonight in the Moonlight
32. Carolyne Hughes: Tuning
33. Carolyne Hughes: The Draggle-Tail Gypsies

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In common with most record labels, Topic releases new albums both on CD and as digital downloads.

Topic Records is also the custodian of a tremendous catalogue of archive recordings. Early in 2009 as part of the label’s 70th anniversary celebrations we began a programme of digital releases from the archive.

Classic recordings from Ewan MacColl, A L Lloyd, The Oldham Tinkers, Lizzie Higgins, Vin Garbutt, John Kirkpatrick, The Cheviot Ranters and many more are now available for full album and individual track download from all the best digital retailers, including:

TSDL018  PEGGY SEEGER  Come Along John
TSDL035  DOMINIC BEHAN  Down By The Liffeyside (Irish Street Songs)

TSDL044  DOMINIC BEHAN Easter week and after
TSDL051  A L LLOYD  Outback Ballads
TSDL052  JEANNIE ROBERTSON  Great Scots Traditional Singer
TSDL069  The LIVERPOOL SPINNERS  Songs Sung In Liverpool
TSDL079  EWAN MacCOLL & PEGGY SEEGER The Jacobite Rebellions
TSDL084  THE WILLETT FAMILY  The Roving Journeyman
TSDL091  JOE HEANEY Irish Traditional Songs in Gaelic & English
TSDL093  RAMBLING JACK ELLIOTT  Talking Woody Guthrie
TSDL103  A. L. LLOYD & EWAN MacCOLL English and Scottish Folk Ballads
TSDL104  EWAN MacCOLL & PEGGY SEEGER Steam Whistle Ballads
TSDL106  JACK ELLIOTT Muleskinner
TSDL110  VARIOUS ARTISTS  Farewell Nancy ~ Sea Songs & Shanties
TSDL113  PEGGY SEEGER & TOM PALEY  Who’s Going To Shoe You’re Pretty Little Foot?
TSDL117  HEDY WEST  Old Times and Hard Times
TSDL118  A L LLOYD  First Person
TSDL120  THE CAMPBELL FAMILY  The Singing Campbells
TSDL128  RAY & ARCHIE FISHER et al  Bonny Lass Come O’er the Burn
TSDL130  EWAN MacCOLL  Bundook Ballads
TSCD134  JESSE FULLER  Move On Down The Line
TSDL137  THE FISHER FAMILY  Traditional & New Songs From Scotland
TSDL138  The STEWART FAMILY  The Stewarts Of Blair
TSDL139  PADDY TUNNEY  A Wild Bee’s Nest
TSDL143  The EXILES  Freedom, Come All Ye
TSDL146  HEDY WEST  Pretty Saro
TSDL147  EWAN MacCOLL  The Manchester Angel
TSDL163  HEDY WEST  Ballads
TSDL164  The EXILES  The Hale & The Hanged
TSDL165  PADDY TUNNEY  The Irish Edge
TSDL171  SARAH OGAN GUNNING  A Girl of Constant Sorrow
TSDL172  FRANK HARTE  Dublin Street Songs
TSDL173  JIMMY McBEATH  Wild Rover No More
TSDL175  WILLIE CLANCY  The Minstrel From Clare
TSDL179  The STEWART FAMILY  The Travelling Stewarts
TSDL182  MRS. SARAH MAKEM  Ulster Ballad Singer
TSDL183  WILLIE SCOTT  The Shepherd’s Song
TSDL184  VARIOUS ARTISTS  The Breeze From Erin
TSDL185  LIZZIE HIGGINS  Princess Of The Thistle
TSDL186  The HIGH LEVEL RANTERS Northumberland For Ever
TSDL190  DAVE & TONI ARTHUR  The Lark In The Morning
TSDL193  PHOEBE SMITH  Once I Had A True Love
TSDL200  PETER BELLAMY  The Fox Jumps Over The Parson’s Gate
TSDL203  A L LLOYD  The Great Australian Legend
TSDL204  VARIOUS ARTISTS  Owdham Edge – Popular Song & Verse from Lancashire
TSDL206  THE OLDHAM TINKERS  Oldham’s Burning Sands
TSDL209  IRISH COUNTRY FOUR  Songs, Ballads & Instrumental Tunes of Ulster
TSDL212  OAK  Welcome To Our Fair
TSDL214  THE CHEVIOT RANTERS  The Sound Of The Cheviots
TSDL217  ROY HARRIS  The Bitter & The Sweet
TSDL223  PETA WEBB  I Have Wandered In Exile
TSDL225  BOB HART Songs from Suffolk
TSDL226  VARIOUS ARTISTS  The Streets of Glasgow
TSDL227  VARIOUS ARTISTS  The Wild Hills O’Wannie
TSDL228  The BROADSIDE From GRIMSBY  The Moon Shone Bright
TSDL229  VARIOUS ARTISTS  English Country Music From East Anglia
TSDL230  VARIOUS ARTISTS  The Lark In The Clear Air
TSDL236  HARRY BOARDMAN A Lancashire Mon
TSDL239  VARIOUS ARTISTS  Bonny North Tyne
TSDL240  VARIOUS ARTISTS  Boscastle Breakdown
TSDL244  SAM LARNER  A Garland For Sam
TSDL245  THE CHEVIOT RANTERS  Cheviot Barn Dance
TSDL247  JOHN KIRKPATRICK & SUE HARRIS  The Rose Of Britain’s Isle
TSDL248  JOHN LYONS  The May Morning Dew
TSDL250  SEAMUS ENNIS  The Wandering Minstrel

TSDL251  THE RUSSELL FAMILY Of Doolin, County Clare
TSDL253  VARIOUS ARTISTS  Songs Of The Open Road
TSDL254  VARIOUS ARTISTS  When Sheepshearing’s Done
TSDL255  GARY & VERA ASPEY  From the North
TSDL256  ROY HARRIS  Champions Of Folly
TSDL257  PACKIE MANUS BYRNE  Songs Of A Donegal Man
TSDL258  VARIOUS ARTISTS  Sussex Harvest
TSDL260  LIZZIE HIGGINS  Up And Awa’ Wi’ The Laverock
TSDL261  JUMBO BRIGHTWELL  Songs from the Eel’s Foot
TSDL264  PADDY TUNNEY  The Mountain Streams Where The Moorcocks Crow
TSDL266  VARIOUS ARTISTS  The Caledonian Companion
TSDL268  THE MUSIC OF SCOTT SKINNER  Traditional Scots Fiddling
TSDL270  JOHNNY HANDLE  The Collier Lad
TSDL273  FRANKIE ARMSTRONG  Songs and Ballads
TSDL274  BOB DAVENPORT  Down The Long Road
TSDL275  BOB CANN  West Country Melodeon
TSDL276  THE OLDHAM TINKERS  For Old Time’s Sake
TSDL277  ARCHIE FISHER  Will Ye Gang, Love
TSDL280  J SCOTT SKINNER  The Strathspey King
TSDL282  TOM GILFELLON  In The Middle Of The Tune
TSDL283  VARIOUS ARTISTS  Holey Ha’penny
TSDL284  THE GAUGERS  Beware of the Aberdonian
TSDL285  VARIOUS ARTISTS  Green Grow The Laurels
TSDL286  GEORGE MAYNARD  Ye Subjects Of England
TSDL287  SEAN McALOON & JOHN REA  Drops Of Brandy
TSDL288  FELIX DORAN  The Last Of The Travelling Pipers
TSDL289  PADDY TUNNEY  The Flowery Vale
TSDL292  The LING FAMILY  Singing Traditions Of A Suffolk Family
TSDL294  PAT MITCHELL  Uilleann Pipes
TSDL295  JOHN KIRKPATRICK & SUE HARRIS  Among The Many Attractions At The Show…
TSDL299  GARY & VERA ASPEY  A Taste Of Hotpot
TSDL303  JIMMY McBEATH  Bound To Be A Row
TSDL304  VARIOUS ARTISTS  The Travelling Songster
TSDL306  JIMMY POWER  Irish Fiddle Player
TSDL307  BELLE STEWART  Queen Among The Heather
TSDL315  DICK GAUGHAN  Coppers & Brass
TSDL316  ROSE MURPHY  Milltown Lass
TSDL317  VARIOUS ARTISTS  Songs & Southern Breezes
TSDL318  BOB DAVENPORT  Postcards Home
TSDL324  JOHNNY DOUGHTY  Round Rye Bay For More
TSDL325  JOSIE McDERMOTT  Darby’s Farewell
TSDL326  JOHN BURGESS  The Art Of The Highland Bagpipes vol. 2
TSDL327  ROY HARRIS  By Sandbank Fields
TSDL328  BOB COPPER  Sweet Rose In June
TSDL334  LEN GRAHAM Wind and Water
TSDL335  TOMMY HEALY & JOHN DUFFY  Memories Of Sligo
TSDL337  JACK & CHARLIE COEN  The Branch Lin
TSDL338  VINCENT GRIFFIN Traditional Fiddle Music from County Clare
TSDL339  PACKIE DUIGNAN & SEAMUS HORAN Music From County Leitrim
TSDL348  JOHN WRIGHT  Unaccompanied
TSDL349  VARIOUS ARTISTS  Devon Tradition
TSDL351  VARIOUS ARTISTS  Folk Music Of Norway
TSDL352  TERRY TEAHAN & SEAMUS HORAN  Old Time Irish Music In America
TSDL353  VARIOUS ARTISTS  The Music of Cape Breton vol: 1
TSDL354  VARIOUS ARTISTS  The Music of Cape Breton vol: 2
TSDL356  VERA ASPEY  The Blackbird
TSDL359  JOHN REILLY  The Bonny Green Tree
TSDL361  BOB ROBERTS  Songs From The Sailing Barges
TSDL362  MARY-ANN CAROLAN  Songs From The Irish Tradition
TSDL364  HUGH GILLESPIE Classic recordings of Irish traditional fiddle music
TSDL369  THE LAMBS ON THE GREEN HILLS  Songs from County Clare
TSDL372  GEORGE HANNA & SARAH ANNE O’NEILL  On The Shores Of Lough Neagh
TSDL373  JOHN REA  Traditional Music on the Hammer Dulcimer
TSDL374  VARIOUS ARTISTS  The Earl Soham Slog
TSDL375  VARIOUS ARTISTS  Sing, Say and Play – Traditional Songs & Music from Suffolk
TSDL378  VIN GARBUTT  Eston California
TSDL382  NEW VICTORY BAND  One More Dance & Then
TSDL385  VIN GARBUTT  Tossing A Wobbler

TSDL386  BARRY DRANSFIELD  Bowin’ & Scrapin’
TSDL391  CHRIS FOSTER  All Things In Common
TSDL392  WALTER PARDON  A Country Life
TSDL395  TRAVELLERS  Songs, Stories and Tunes from English Gypsies
TSDL398  JOHN DOHERTY  Bundle And Go
TSDL399  THE OLDHAM TINKERS  That Lancashire Band
TSDL407  GARY & VERA ASPEY  Seeing Double
TSDL416  UMPS AND DUMPS The Moon’s In A Fit
TSDL428  VIN GARBUTT  Little Innocents
TSDL429  HAUK BUEN, KNUT BUEN, TOM ANDERSON, VIDAR LANDE  Ringing Strings – Fiddle Music of Norway-Shetland
TSDL430  MARTIN SIMPSON  Grinning In Your Face
TSDL435  CURLEW  Fiddle Music From Shetland & Beyond
TSDL438  MARTIN SIMPSON  Sad Or High Kicking!
TSDL439  THE HOUSE BAND  The House Band
TSDL440  THE COCK AND BULL BAND  Eyes Closed and Rocking
TSDL441  BILL CADDICK  The Wild West Show
TSDL447  ANDREW CRONSHAW  Till The Beast’s Returning
TSDL451  THE HOUSE BAND  Word of Mouth
TSDL479  VARIOUS ARTISTS  The Bird In The Bush
TSDL501  BRASS MONKEY  Sound & Rumour
TSDL502  EWAN MacCOLL  Chorus From The Gallows
TSDL1050  ANDREW CRONSHAW  The Language Of Snakes
TSDL1503  CHRIS DRONEY  The Flowing Tide
TSDL1504  JOHN KELLY  Fiddle and Concertina Player
TSDL1505  BERNARD O’SULLIVAN, TOMMY McMAHON  Play Irish Traditional Music of County Clare

More releases from the archive will follow. Please join our mailing list or keep checking back for updates.





DICK GAUGHAN Coppers & Brass TSDL315

The first album recorded for Topic by the reknowned Dick Gaughan, ‘Coppers & Brass’ is an impressive instrumental set from one of Scotland’s finest folk musicians. Dick Gaughan performs a collection of jigs, hornpipes, reels and marches, learned from pipers and fiddlers and skilfully transferred to the guitar.
1  Coppers and Brass / Gander in the Pratie Hole
2  O’Keefe’s / The Foxhunter’s
3  The Flowing Tide / The Fairies’ Hornpipe
4  The Oak Tree / The Music in the Glen
5  Planxty Johnson
6  Gurty’s Frolics
7  The Spey in Spate / The Hurricane
8  Alan McPherson of Mosspark / The Jig of Slurs
9  The Thrush in the Storm / The Flogging Reel
10  Ask My Father / Lads of Laoise / The Connaught Heifers
11  The Bird in the Bush / The Boy in the Gap / MacMahon’s Reel
12  Strike the Gay Harp / Shores of Lough Gowna
13  Jack Broke the Prison Door / Donald Blue / Wha’ll Dance wi’ Wattie

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Few singers match the assurance and intensity of Frankie’ Armstrong’s singing. Born in Cumberland, Frankie typically came to folk song as a teenager and member of an amateur skiffle group. She was a member of the influential Critics Group led by Ewan MacColl and first recorded on A L Lloyd’s ‘The Bird In The Bush’ project. In Lloyd’s memorable phrase “she can sing to pull down the stars”. Armstrong is an important interpreter of ballads, often approaching her material from a feminist perspective.
1  Tarry Trousers
2  The Green Valley
3  Low Down in the Broom
4  The Cruel Mother
5  The Crafty Maid’s Policy
6  The Maid on the Shore
7  The Frog and the Mouse
8  Lovely on the Water
9  The Brown Girl
10  The Young Girl Cut Down in Her Prime
11  The Saucy Sailor
12  The Two Sisters

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TOPIC70 packshot webTHREE SCORE AND TEN is seven CDs in a ten by ten inch hardback book, with dust jacket containing 108 profusely illustrated, full colour pages with a narrative portrait of Topic from 1939 to the present day. Also included separately is a complete discography of every Topic release from 1939 to the newest releases in 2009.

There are 144 tracks that cover all aspects of Topic’s recording history in 7 themed CDs with many rare tracks never before on CD. The extensive text gives a detailed recording and social history with profiles of the essential recordings, principle artists and key personages. The many hundreds of illustrations are a revelation in themselves, anchoring the whole project with photos of the artists, album sleeves, advertising leaflets, snapshots and memorabilia.

A quote from page 92 of Three Score and Ten sums it all up pretty nicely:

“From its first release in 1939 and it’s origins in the Workers’ Music Association through the folk revival to the present day Topic Records has always endeavoured to make classic and definitive recordings of traditional music available to the public; a catalogue of records to inform and inspire the listener.” Since the 1950s, Topic has stood virtually alone in continuing to make recordings of traditional music and the tradition based music of the British Isles.

The aims and objects of the Workers’ Music Association (as published in 1944) still stand as a fair description of the ambitions of Topic Records in 2009:
- To present to the people their rich musical inheritance
- To utilise fully the stimulating power of music to inspire people
- To stimulate the composition of music appropriate to our time
- To foster and further the art of music on the principle that true art can move the people
- to work for the betterment of society


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TSCD476 webShirley Collins’s sweet, self-effacing singing keeps her closer to the core of traditional song than many a more histrionic singer. Yet her work has been extraordinarily diverse: she has collaborated with the guitarist Davy Graham, the Incredible String Band, the Albion Country Band and her sister Dolly.

The limpid versions of Southern English songs on the 1965 The Sweet Primeroses album established Shirley Collins as a unique and influential voice on the folk scene.

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TSCD680T “It was great altogether!” The Continuing Tradition of Irish Music in London

TSCD680T pack shot

Another new 3CD set featuring 89 tracks with performances by, among others: Lucy Farr, Billy Clifford, Amby Whyms, Lamond Gillespie, Brian Rooney, Joe Whelan, Reg Hall, Karen Ryan and James Carty. Compiled and researched by Dr. Reg Hall, the acknowledged expert in this field, “It was great altogether!” is a superb addition to the widely acclaimed Voice of the People series.

Irish traditional music was well-established in pubs and dance halls and at Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann meetings in Greater London by the mid-1960s, the groundwork having been done by a generation of young musicians from rural Ireland, who came over in the 1950s to work in the building and construction trades. They set high standards of musicianship and subtle social values related to music-making, and their contribution to the music is presented in a companion 3-CD album, “It was mighty!” The Early Days of Irish Music in London (Topic TSCD679T). In an unbroken line of descent, the tradition continues and this later period of fifty years or so is portrayed in this follow-up collection of archive recordings on three CDs. Many of those early pioneers, great artists by any reckoning, are represented here at the height of their ability. Most surprising, perhaps, are the many grown children and grandchildren of that original 1950s generation, who retain the original reasons for playing and keep the old styles going, fully integrated into their daily lives.

Track list:

Johnny Duffy, fiddle; Tommy Healy, flute; Reg Hall, piano.
1. Reels: Tarbolton / The Longford Collector / The Sailor’s Bonnet
2. Reels: Martin Wynne’s No. 1 / Martin Wynne’s No. 2
Recorded by Tony Engle at Reg Hall’s house, Croydon, London, 15 February 1977.
Jimmy Power, fiddle; Reg Hall, piano.
3. Jigs: Whelan’s / The Lark in the Morning
Jimmy Power, fiddle; Reg Hall, piano; Gerry Wright, bodhran.
4. Reels: Jackie Coleman’s / The Castle
Recorded by Tony Engle at Tangent Studio, Shepherd’s Bush, London, 1 July 1976.
Danny Meehan, fiddle; Michael Hynes, flute; Dermot Kearney, piano.
5. Single Jig: The Flax-dresser / Highland: The Limerick Races
Michael Hynes, flute; Dermot Kearney, piano.
6. Reels: Billy Brocker’s / The Humours of Tulla
Recorded in the club room at the Empress of Russia, Islington, London, 25 April 1985.
Danny Meehan & Bobby Casey, fiddles; Reg Hall, piano; John McLaughlin, spoons.
7. Jig: Cherish the Ladies
Recorded by Bill Leader at The Favourite, Holloway, London, 12 February 1967.
Bobby Casey, fiddle; Andy Boyle, fiddle.
8. Reels: Lucy Campbell / The Bucks of Oranmore / Rakish Paddy
Recorded by Bill Leader & Reg Hall at Bill Leader’s flat, Camden Town, London, 19 April 1967.
Bobby Casey, fiddle; Tommy McCarthy, concertina.
9. Reels: Connemara Stockings / Ships Are Sailing
Recorded by Bill Leader at Leader Sound Studio, Cecil Sharp House, Camden Town, London, 1972.
Finbarr Dwyer, accordeon.
10. Hornpipes: The New Century / Caroline O’Neill’s
11. Reels: Kitty in the Lane / Maude Miller
Recorded in a private house in London, late 1960s.
Jimmy Power, Paul Gross & Lucy Farr, fiddles; Tommy Maguire, accordeon; Reg Hall, piano.
12. Jigs: The Mouse in the Cupboard / Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part
Recorded by Reg Hall at the Admiral Duncan, Deptford, London, 14 February 1965.
Maureen Minogue, fiddle; Tadgh Kearney, accordeon; Tom Cussen, banjo; Jimmy Hogan, piano.
13. Polkas: The Glenside No.1 / The Glenside No. 2
Recorded by Tom Cussens at Jimmy Hogan’s house, Finsbury Park, London, 1969.
Lucy Farr, fiddle; Tommy Healy, flute; Reg Hall, piano.
14. Reels: Eddie Maloney’s / Lady Gordon
15. Schottisches: Sweet Flowers of Milltown / The Boys of Knock
Recorded by Keith Summers in the club room at the Empress of Russia, Islington, London, 6 June 1985.
Jimmy Power, fiddle; Paddy Malynn, accordeon; Frank Blaney, banjo; Reg Hall, piano.
16. Jigs: The Knights of St. Patrick / Paddy in London
Recorded by Edward Tise at The Favourite, Holloway, London, 14 June 1979, on the occasion of the filming of The Bolden Lad (director: John Tchalenko; music advisor: Bob Davenport).
Joe Whelan, accordeon; Liam Farrell, banjo; Reg Hall, piano.
17. Hornpipes: The Humours of Tullycrinme / Mickie Callagher’s
18. March: The Siamsa
19. Jigs: The Fly in the Porter / Burning Brakes
Recorded by Paul Marsh in the bar of the Waterman’s Arts Centre, Brentford, London, 15 February 1998 (17/18) & 15 March 1998 (19).
Con Curtin & Edmond Murphy, fiddles; Reg Hall, piano.
20. Reels: The Pride of Rathmore / The Girls of Farranfore
21. Reels: The Derrycrag / Tie the Bonnet / The Abbey Reel
Recorded by Bill Leader at The Favourite, Holloway, London, 13 March 1968.
Tommy Maguire, accordeon; Father O’Keefe, mandolin; Reg Hall, piano.
22. Jigs: Strike the Gay Harp / Brendan Tonroe’s
23. Reels: The Stoney Steps / The Hare’s Paw
Recorded by Bill Leader at The Favourite, Holloway, London, 21 April 1968.
Martin Byrnes, fiddle; Reg Hall, piano.
24. Reel: The Carracastle Lasses
25. Jig: The Frieze Britches
Recorded by Bill Leader at Reg Hall’s house, Croydon, London, 23/24 June 1967.
Sean O’Shea, fiddle; Bobby Casey, fiddle; Reg Hall, piano.
26. Reel: The Heathery Breeze
Recorded by Bill Leader at The Favourite, Holloway, London, 5 March 1967.
Con Curtin, Denis McMahon & Julia Clifford, fiddles; Reg Hall, piano.
27. Reels: O’Callaghan’s / The Hare’s Foot
Recorded by Bill Leader at The Favourite, Holloway, London, 12 March 1967.
John Whelan, accordeon; Jimmy Power, fiddle; Tommy Healy, flute; Frank Blaney, banjo; Big John Gray, bodhran; Reg Hall, piano.
28. Reels: Cooley’s / O’Rourke’s / The Pigeon on the Gate
Recorded by Edward Tise at The Favourite, Holloway, London, 14 June 1979, on the occasion of the filming of The Bolden Lad (director: John Tchalenko; music advisor: Bob Davenport).

The Thatch Ceili Band: Bobby Casey, Brendan Mulkere  & Adrian Bourke, fiddles; Roger Sherlock & Paul Gallagher, flutes; Tommy Keane, uilleann pipes; John Bowe, accordeon; Mick O’Connor, banjo; Kevin Taylor, piano; Mick Whelan, drums.
1. Jigs: The Rakes of Clonmel / The Humours of Drimnagh / Castleconnor
Recording studio, London, 1986.
Maureen Minogue, fiddle.
2. Reels: The Four Courts / The New Copperplate
3. Jig: The Knocknagow
Recorded by Tom Cussen at Maureen Minogue’s house, London, 1969.
Julia Clifford, fiddle; Billy Clifford, flute.
4. Hornpipe: The Harlequin
5. Jigs: John Mahinney’s No. 1 / Sligo Bay
Recorded by Hugh Miller & Alan Ward at Camus Cross, Co. Tipperary, 11 July 1976.
Jack Heffernan, accordeon; Mary Heffernan, bodhran.
6. Jig: Paddy in London
Recorded by Peter Graves & Billy Steven at the Victoria Tavern, Holloway Road, London, early 1988.
Danny Meehan, fiddle.
7. Jig: Australian Waters
Recorded by Reg Hall & Dermot Kearney at Reg Hall’s house, Croydon, London, 28 May 1987.
Marcus Hernon, flute; Martin McMahon, accordeon; Teresa McMahon, keyboard.
8. Reels: Farewell to Ireland / The Maid of Mount Cisco / Come West along the Road
Recorded by Austin Barrett at a party in Marcus Hernon’s house, Carna, Co. Galway, 2006.
Lucy Farr, fiddle.
9. Single Jigs: un-titled / Royal Charlie
10. Reel: Anderson’s
11. Single Jig: The Long Note
Recorded by Bill Leader & Reg Hall at Leader Sounds studio, Greetland, Yorkshire, 9 August 1976.
Gabe O’Sullivan, flute.
12. Reel: Jack Coughlin’s Favourite
13. Jig: The Green Blanket
Recorded by Nic Kinsey & supervised by Peter Bellamy at Livingstone Studios, Barnet, London, April 1979.
Brian Rooney, fiddle.
14. Reel: The Green Mountain
15. Reel: Rolling in the Barrel
Provenance not known, London, probably 1980s.
Tom O’Connell, accordeon; Mick O’Connor, banjo.
16 Jigs: McHugh’s / The American Jig
Recorded by Tony Engle & Reg Hall at Tom O’Connell’s house, Upper Holloway, London. 2 December 2014.
Jacqueline McCarthy, concertina; Tommy Keane, uilleann pipes.
17. Hornpipes: The Honeysuckle / The Frisco
Recorded by Tommy Keane in The Crane Bar, Galway, 2010.
Tommy McGowan, fiddle.
18. Jig: The Castlepollard Lass
19. Jig: Tommy McGowan’s
Recorded by PJ Hernon, Co. Sligo, 1994.
Eddie Corcoran, tin whistle; Seamus Tansey, tambourine.
20. Reel: The Maid behind the Bar
Recorded by Bill Leader at Reg Hall’s house, Croydon, London, 11 October 1967.
Henry Dwyer, fiddle.
21. Reel: Rakish Pat
Recorded by Reg Hall at Henry Dwyer’s house, Coolock, Drumfin, Riverstown, Co. Sligo, 3 December 1988.
Vince O’Halloran, accordeon; Reg Hall, piano.
22. Jigs: Pat Burke’s / Fraher’s
Recorded by Tony Engle & Tony Russell at the Tangent Studio, Shepherd’s Bush, London, 25 March 1976.
Jack Dolan, three-quarter flute.
23. Reels: Touch Me If You Dare / The Flowers of Redhill
Recorded by Lucy Farr in The Favourite, Holloway, London, early 1970s.
Maureen Minogue, fiddle; Tom Cussen, banjo.
24. Jigs: Nora Crionna / The Banks of Newfoundland
25. Reels: Scotch Mary / Ships Are Sailing
Recorded by Tom Cussen at Maureen Minogue’s house, London, 1969.
Selina Munnelly, accordeon.
26. Reels: The Thatched Cabin / The Skylark
Recorded by Andrew Bathe at Selina Munnelly’s flat, Finbury Park, London, 7 October 1984.
Bill Glasheen, fiddle; Selina Munnelly, accordeon; John Blout, banjo.
27. Reels: The Eel in the Sink / The Ivy Leaf
Recorded by Austin Barrett in The Blackstock, Finsbury Park, London, 1979.
Billy Clifford, flute.
28. Jig: The Humours of Lisheen
Julia Clifford, fiddle.
29. Slide: The Humours of Glenflesk
Recorded by Reg Hall at Lucy & Eric Farr’s house, Ladywell, London, 16 August 1964.
Amby Whyms, fiddle.
30. Reel: Sergeant Carey’s Dream
31. Reel: Paddy O’Brien’s
Amby Whyms, fiddle; Mary Bowe, concertina.
32. Reel: Maud Miller
Recorded by Tommy Maree at Amby Whyms’s house, London, 4 February 1998.
John Carty, banjo; Marcus Hernon, flute; unidentified, bodhran; Paddy Gallagher, bouzouki.
33. Jigs: Munster Buttermilk / Jim Ward’s / The Old Favourite
Recorded by Sean Dunn, Gunners Arms, Highbury, London, 1990. Larry Masterson Collection.
Bobby Casey & Andy Boyle, fiddles; Paddy Breen, flute.
34. Reels: The Jolly Tinker / The Pretty Girls of Mayo
Recorded by Bill Leader & Reg Hall at Bill Leader’s flat, Camden Town, London, 19 April 1967.
The Thatch Ceili Band: As track 1.
35. Reels: The Banks of the Ilen / Cronin’s
Recording studio, London, 1986.

Sinead Linane, fiddle; James Carty, flute; Reg Hall, keyboard.
1. Reels: Lad O’Beirne’s / Fionn O’Donal’s
Ceili House, RTÉ pre-recorded radio programme, The Auld Triangle, Finsbury Park, London, 17 April 2005.
Courtesy of RTÉ Archives.
The Auld Triangle Ceili Band: Teresa Heanue & Sinead Linane, fiddles; James Carty, Mick Mulvey & John Murphy, flutes, Gary Connolly & Maureen Linane, accordeons; Karen Ryan, banjo; Reg Hall, piano; Pat McNamee, drums.
2. Reels: The Concert Reel / The Corpus Reel
Recorded by Seamus Brogan at the All-Britain Fleadh Ceoil, Edgehill College, Ormskirk, Cheshire, 29 June 2003.
Lamond Gillespie, fiddle; John Blake, flute.
3. Jigs: Up Sligo / The Shoemaker’s Fancy
Recorded by Sean Keegan at the University of Limerick studio, 2007.
Lamond Gillespie, fiddle; John Blake, flute; Eamon Burke, flute; Tommy Maree, accordeon; Reg Hall, piano.
4. Reels: Lady Gordon / Johnny Henry’s
Recorded by Tommy Maree & John Blake at Our Lady of Grace RC School, Dollis Hill, London, 20 December 2008.
Sean Casey, fiddle; Bernadette McCarthy, fiddle; Dermot Kearney, banjo; Reg Hall, piano.
5. Reels: The Mullingar Races / Music in the Glen
Recorded by Peter Graves & Billy Steven at the Victoria Tavern, Holloway Road, London, early 1988.
Brian Rooney, fiddle; Mick Mulvey, flute; Reg Hall, keyboard.
6. Reels: The Primrose Lass / Cregg’s Pipes / Tom Ward’s Downfall
Recorded by Simon Wroe, City of London, 5 April 2003.
Dermot Burke, fiddle; Mick Mulvey, flute.
7. Jigs: The Mill Pond / Statia Donnelly’s
Recorded by Radio na Gaeltachta, supervised by Neansaí Ní Choisdealbha, at the Irish Centre, Camden Town, London, 27 May 2011.
Courtesy of Radio na Gaeltachta.
Brian Rooney, fiddle.
8. Reel: Grandpa Tommy’s Ceili Band
9. Jig: The Knocknagow
Provenance not known, London, 1980s?
Mick Linane & Sinead Linane, fiddles; James Carty, flute; Gary Connolly & Maureen Linane, accordeons; Reg Hall, keyboard.
10. Reels: Devaney’s Goat / The Dairymaid
Recorded by Chris Kreinczes in the Auld Triangle, Finsbury Park, London, 19 September 2010.
Brendan Mulkere, fiddle; Paul Gallagher, flute.
11. Reels: The Salmanca / The Crooked Road
Recorded by Robin Broadbank at a concert at University College, Cork, 26 February 1994.
Joe Whelan, accordeon; Liam Farrell, banjo.
12. Slow Air: Blackbirds and Thrushes
Joe Whelan, accordeon; Liam Farrell, banjo; Reg Hall, piano.
13. Reels: Collier’s / The Doone
Recorded by Simon Ritchie & John Howson at Reg Hall’s house, Croydon, London, 22 October 2001.
Austin Dawes, fiddle; Seanin McDonagh, accordeon; Bobby Ramsey, guitar.
14. Jigs:    The Telegraph / Out on the Ocean
Ceili House, RTÉ pre-recorded radio programme, the Lord Napier, Thornton Heath, London, 27 April 1999.
Courtesy of RTÉ Archives.
Joe Cahill & Mary Bowe, fiddles; Reg Hall, piano.
15. Reel: The Morning Dew
Recorded by John Blake & Tommy Maree at Our Lady of Grace RC School, Dollis Hill, London, 15 August 2008.
Sheena Vallely, flute.
16. Jigs: Pat Mahon’s / The Fox and the Thatch
17. Reels: Dan Breen’s / The Road to Monalea
London, 20 June 2014.
Sean Casey, fiddle; Reg Hall, piano.
18. Reels: The Musical Priest / Jenny’s Chickens
Recorded by Peter Graves & Billy Steven at the Victoria Tavern, Holloway Road, London, early 1988.
Tom O’Connell, accordeon; Mick O’Connor, banjo.
19. Hornpipes: Cronin’s / The Western
Recorded by Tony Engle & Reg Hall at Tom O’Connell’s house, Upper Holloway, London. 2 December 2014.
Eamon Burke, flute; Reg Hall, piano.
20. Reel: Fred Finn’s
Recorded by John Blake & Tommy Maree at Our Lady of Grace RC School, Dollis Hill, London, 20 December 2008.
Rosie O’Leary, fiddle; Clare O’Leary, fiddle; Alan O’Leary, flute.
21. Slip-Jig: Marie Rua (Red Haired Mary) / Jig: The Visit to Ireland
The Traditional Music Hour, Resonance 104.4 fm radio programme pre-recorded by Paul Jackson, London,
23 November 2013.
Lamond Gillespie & Jimmy Murphy, fiddles; John Blake, James Carty, Eamon Burke & John MacLeod, flutes; Mick Leahy, bazouki; Reg Hall, piano.
22. Reels: The Boys of the Lough / The Devils of Dublin
The Traditional Music Hour, Resonance 104.4 fm live radio programme, London, 19 May 2011.
Karen Ryan, fiddle.
23. Reels: Farrell Gara / Christmas Eve / The Sligo Maid
Recorded by Simon Wroe, City of London, early 2001.
Mick Linane & Sinead Linane, fiddles; Gary Connolly & Maureen Linane, accordeons; Reg Hall, keyboard.
24. Jig: The Coolai
Recorded by Chris Kreinczes in the Auld Triangle, Finsbury Park, London, 19 September 2010.
John Blake, flute; Eamon Burke, flute; Tommy Maree, bodhran; Reg Hall, piano.
25. Reels: The Laurel Tree / King of the Clans
Recorded by John Blake & Tommy Maree at Our Lady of Grace RC School, Dollis Hill, London, , 20 December 2008.
Gary Connolly, accordeon; James Carty, flute; Reg Hall, keyboard; Francis Gaffney, guitar.
26. Reels: P Flanagan’s / The Corpus Reel
Recorded by James Clenaghan, St. Anne’s church hall, Salusbury Road, Kilburn, London, 21 July 2007.

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VARIOUS ARTISTS The Travelling Songster TSDL304

An anthology from Gypsy singers recorded in Southern England by Mike Yates. Music of English travellers, ranging from broadside ballads to mouth-organ tunes, and including examples of the gypsy mouth-music called ‘tuning’ – all performed by members of the great Smith clan, from Surrey, Kent and Suffolk.

1    The Small Birds Whistle  Jasper Smith
2    The Sheepfold  Phoebe Smith
3    One Penny  Levy Smith
4    The Basket of Eggs  Minty Smith
5    The Pony March / Whistling Rufus / Tuning  Jasper
6    Green Bushe  Phoebe
7    Raking the Hay  Phoebe
8    The Moon Shines Bright  Jasper
9    Father Had a Knife Jasper
10  The Jew’s Garden  Minty
11   Step Dance Tunes  Jasper  Tuning  Minty
12   Sweet William  Phoebe
13   Johnny Abourne  Phoebe
14   Died for Love  Jasper
15   The Irish Girl  Levy
16   Captain Thunderbold  Phoebe
17   Jigs & Polkas including: Cock of the North / Flowers of Edinburgh / The Girl l left Behind Me / Tuning   Jasper & Levy

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Steve Ashley’s second release for Topic is a landmark in British folk song writing. On strong winds and rising tides, he takes us on a remarkable journey – over the cliffs and into the heart of the woods and towns of England. These are stirring songs that engage with many realities of life in 2007, including global warming and the continuing Trident missile threat. Rich in poetry and strong melodies, they once again demonstrate Steve’s deep regard for our folk traditions.
Time and Tide also resonates with his earliest recorded work, reuniting him with orchestral arranger Robert Kirby (Robert and Steve first recorded together on Steve’s 1974 classic debut album Stroll On). Among other musicians participating in support are Fairport’s Chris Leslie, Dave Pegg and Simon Nicol, plus Robin Williamson and Decameron’s Dik Cadbury.
With 15 new songs delivered with candour, humour and hope for the future, the innovative, challenging and compassionate Time and Tide waits for no one.

  • “If British singer-songwriterdom is to enjoy a renaissance…then it is right and proper that Steve Ashley should be at the forefront…a distinctively English style….alluring tunes and deft lyrics” fRoots
  • “On his new set the gentle, sturdy melodies are matched with a rare blend of emotion and anger. Ashley may not be prolific but his songs are worth the wait.” The Guardian
  • “Uniformly excellent” Net Rhythms

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