Traditional and contemporary folk from the British Isles


TSCD469 webTom Anderson MBE, fiddler, composer, folklorist and teacher, was a profoundly influential figure in Shetland music. He and Aly Bain, with Trevor Hunter and Davie Tulloch, spanning three generations of music-making in the islands, play fiddle duets and quartets in the distinctive Shetland idiom.

Tom Anderson fiddle
Aly Bain fiddle
Trevor Hunter fiddle
Davie Tulloch fiddle
Violet Tulloch piano
Willie Johnson guitar

1  Jack Broke da Prison Door / Donald Blue / Sleep Soond ida Mornin’ / Lasses Trust in Providence / Bonnie Isle o’ Whalsay
2  Da Day Dawn / Da Cross Reel
3  Shive Her Up / Ahint da Deakes o’ Voe
4  Da Silver Bow
5  Auld Foula Reel / Wynadepla
6  Da Slockit Light / Smith o’ Couster / Da Grocer
7  Da Auld Restin’ Chair / Hamnavoe Polka / Maggie’s Reel
8  Unst Bridal March / Da Bride’s a Boannie Ting
9  Jack is Yel Alive / Auld Clettenroe
10  Da Mill / Doon da Rooth
11  Pit Hame da Borrowed Claes / Wha’ll Dance wi’ Wattie /Bush Below da Gairden
12  Soldier’s Joy
13  Shetland Moods / De’il Stick da Minister / Taste da Green
14  Dean Brig / Banks
15  Ferrie Reel / Lay Dee at Dee / Spencie’s Reel
16  Up an’ Doon da Harbour / Lucky Can You Link Ony / Da Trig Bag
17  The Silvery Voe / Mrs Babs Anderson / Pottinger’s Reel
18  If I Get a Bonnie Lass / Jeannie Shoke da Bairn / Oo’t be Est da Vong
19  Auld Swaara
20  Faroe Rum / Aandowin’ at da Bow / Da Forefit o’ da Ship
21  Mrs Jamieson’s Favourite / Lady Mary Ramsay / Mary Ramsay
22  All da Ships ir Sailin’ / Sheldor Geo / Mak a Kishie Needle Dye
23  Freddie’s Tune / Da Blue Yow
24  The Full Rigged Ship / The New Rigged Ship
25  Naanie an’ Betty / A Yow Cam’ to Wir Door Yarmin
26  Maggie O’Ham / Da Foula Shaalds
27  Com Agen Ye’re Welcome / Da Corbie an’ da Craw
28  Ian S. Robertson / Madam Vanoni

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