Traditional and contemporary folk from the British Isles


John Tams, multi award winning producer of The Blast says -

 ” Bob Fox has rightly occupied high office in the ranks of great North Eastern singers and the decision to reduce the division of labour to it’s barest, a painstakingly devoted singer and magnificent guitarist, and a ‘bloke behind the glass’ was one of the best experiences of over forty years of recording. This is Bob Fox holding his ground, a stand alone album from a great stylist.”

• “At last, the record we’ve been waiting for – that astonishing guitar technique coupled with one of England’s finest voices” Ralph McTell
• “The voice and guitar of Bob Fox are always a delight to listen to and the production by John Tams ensures a full and rich sound. It’s a well balanced, beautifully produced album that is a pleasure to listen to, again and again.” Taplas
• “Today I’ve been listening to a CD that has me entranced, delighted and excited all at once. Fox is a supreme guitarist with a deft touch and rhythmic sense – a voice as sweet and strong as blackstrap molasses. It’s the best thing I’ve heard from the revival in ages.” Living Tradition
• “A richly warm voice gives his storytelling real credibility and engagement” fRoots

1  One Miner’s Life
2  Still Growing
3  All In A Day
4  Taking On Men
5  Trooper Cut Down
6  Broomfield Wager
7  Recruited Collier
8  Diamond / Song Of The Whale
9  Golden Vanity
10  Only Remembered

Bob Fox vocal, guitar, bouzouki
Recorded and mixed by John Tams

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