Traditional and contemporary folk from the British Isles


From her first recording June Tabor demonstrated a mature command of traditional and contemporary songs alike, singing them, often unaccompanied, with remarkable individuality and expressiveness. The emotions and meanings she uncovers in the old songs give them a new resonance that has caught the imagination of audiences far beyond the folk scene.

BBC Folk Singer Of The Year awarded to June Tabor BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2004
BBC Best Traditional Track Of The Year awarded to June Tabor for “Hughie Graeme” BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2004

Love Will Tear Us Apart (remix) 7″ vinyl STOP2012

A new remix of the splendid June Tabor & Oysterband reading of Love Will Tear Us Apart was released on a 7″ vinyl single to help celebrate the 5th Annual Record Store Day on 21st April 2012. The ‘b’ side is a live recording of Fountains Flowing recorded at the 2012 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards in Salford. An historic release – Topic’s first vinyl single for 32 years!

We have a very limited quantity of the vinyl 7″ available for sale by mail order.

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Just when you thought that June had reached her peak, she surprises by sounding fresher than ever. A singer completely at home with her voice and her music.

“all immaculately arranged and superbly sung” The Telegraph
“a folk masterclass” The Observer
“music of great beauty” Songlines
“Tabor sings magnificently” Mojo
“Britain’s pre-eminent traditional voice, as impeccable as ever … an elegant collection” Uncut
“Tabor sings magnificently on her return to an album of predominantly folk song. Her true brilliance is exacting seismic levels of emotion from seemingly basic material.” fRoots

June Tabor voice
Andy Cutting diatonic accordion
Mark Emerson piano, viola & violin
Tim Harries double bass

1  The Dancing
2  The Old Garden Gate
3  The Auld Beggarman
4  The Rigs Of Rye
5  I Love My Love
6  Soldiers Three
7  Speak Easy
8  Au Logis De Mon Père
9  Standing In Line
10  Ce Fu En Mai
11  My Love Came To Dublin
12  Send Us A Quiet Night

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This is the June Tabor album – from the opening track, a magisterial reading of The Banks of Sweet Primeroses, through Anna McGarrigle’s Heart Like A Wheel and her in-concert showstopper, Duke Ellington’s Do Nothing ‘Till You Hear From Me. June has also chosen a new song from the pen of one of her favourite English songwriters – Bill Caddick’s The Cloud Factory.
The inspiration for June’s choice of songs was the particular group of musicians she brought together for her BBC4 Sessions concert in 2004. “Obviously I was already aware of the strong character of each musician’s playing, but what I was not prepared for was the impact of the ensemble as a whole, as well as the undreamed of textures and colours of new permutations within the group”. The effect is remarkable, and June’s voice and performance have moved into even more impressive new territory.

• “No one else has come close to Tabor’s clarity and strength of expression. Her instinct and training make every phrase count.” The Daily Telegraph
• “From the opening notes…you realise you are in safe hands… coaxes unimagined sensations out of traditional tunes and performs elegant arrangements of new ones” ★★★★ The Sunday Times
• “To describe June Tabor as simply a folk singer is to ignore her achievements – and this new album proves she is one of our finest interpreters of songs of almost any kind. The starting point is traditional material, but her treatment of The Banks of the Sweet Primroses shows how she makes a song her own with her story-telling. A Chaucer song is followed by an exquisite, pained treatment of Anna McGarrigle’s Heart Like A Wheel, while the traditional Oh! Alas I Am in Love leads in to a drifting Duke Ellington ballad. A thoughtful, personal album”. ★★★★ The Guardian
• “She’s a national treasure” The Independent on Sunday
• “At the Wood’s Heart finds the powers in enthralling form. That sinuous, melancholy voice still does ‘dark’ impeccably – but always verdant, always human.”  ★★★★ The Observer

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June Tabor’s recording career has consistently reached ever higher standards of performance and interpretation. Each of her albums has sought to match the highest technical standards with emotionally powerful performances and scintillating musical arrangements. Her forthcoming album – a stunning collection of songs concerning humankind’s relationship with the sea – is already being hailed by critics and long-time fans as another career highpoint.

June’s range and depth are unparalleled, and with Ashore she fully justifies her reputation as England’s foremost song interpreter. Ashore features a powerful set of contemporary songs alongside classic traditional ballads like ‘The Bleacher Lassie Of Kelvinhaugh’ and ‘The Great Selkie Of Sule Skerry’. The contemporary material includes a spine-tingling version of Elvis Costello’s ‘Shipbuilding’; a new recording of Ian Telfer’s ‘Finisterre’ (first recorded by June with the Oyster Band on ‘Freedom & Rain’) and two remarkable songs from the pen of Cyril Tawney – ‘The Grey Funnel Line’ and ‘The Oggie Man’. The album was recorded with June’s regular musicians – Andy Cutting, diatonic accordion; Mark Emerson, viola and violin, Tim Harries, double bass and Huw Warren, piano.

The Bleecher Lassie Of Kelvinhaugh : JUNE TABOR by Topic Records

“It’s 35 years since June Tabor’s debut album, but this has to be among her best.” ★★★★ The Times

“A thing of compelling beauty, and stands head and shoulders above most folk albums you’re likely to hear this year… Pure class.” English Dance & Song

“This deeply affecting collection of sea stories demonstrates the core of her art almost to perfection.” ★★★★ Mojo

“This is wonderful. England’s foremost folk singer performs 13 fascinating songs that key into our historical and emotional relationship with the sea. It’s a remarkable record.” The Word

“June Tabor has always resolutely pursued her own heart without recourse to the conformities of genre, expectations of audiences and especially not the pressures of orthodox commercial appeal.”
Colin Irwin / BBC Music online

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TSCD360 webAccompanied, as on Airs and Graces, by Nic Jones (guitar), Tony Hall (melodeon) and other notable players, Tabor again blends striking revisions of traditional songs with new pieces by Eric Bogle No Man’s Land, Now I’m Easy and Dave Goulder The Easter Tree.

June Tabor vocals
Tony Hall melodeon
Nic Jones guitar & fiddle
Jon Gillaspie keyboards
Nigel Pegrum drums
Doug Morter electric guitar

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June Tabor makes the ultimate album for all discerning folk fans, featuring a programme made up exclusively of the great traditional folk ballads – story telling at its dark, urgent best. June’s regular trio of accompanists (Huw Warren – piano, cello; Mark Emerson – violin, viola; Tim Harries – double bass) are joined by Martin Simpson, guitar and Kathryn Tickell, Northumbrian pipes).

• Best Folk Album of the Year ★★★★★ Mojo
• “June’s best album for years…sheer majesty…a return to the very heart of what she does best.” FROOTS
• “Outstanding…the year’s finest folk record” The Sunday Times
• “her richly expressive delivery probes deeply into tragic and often violent scenarios.” ★★★★ The Scotsman
• “Folk album of the month” “In one dramatic, spine chilling album (June Tabor) blows all else out of the water…this is the storyteller’s art and the full achievement of this majestic album. A stunner.
” ★★★★★ Mojo
• “This year’s finest traditional album.” The Guardian
• “I doubt if I will ever hear a better recording.” The Canberra Times

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A Quiet Eye features June Tabor backed by members of the Creative Jazz Orchestra. Not a jazz album this, however, but June in her finest voice with a selection of predominantly English material from both traditional and contemporary sources in settings ranging from solo to full ensemble with brass, reeds and strings.

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The inspired collaboration of Maddy Prior and June Tabor, two of the most individual singers in folk music, is enhanced by musicians such as the Breton guitarist Dan Ar Braz, ex-Steeleye Span bass guitarist Rick Kemp and producer Andrew Cronshaw.

June Tabor and Maddy Prior vocals
Dan Ar Braz
Huw Warren keyboards
Jim Sutherland percussion
Rick Kemp bass guitar
Andrew Cronshaw Chinese flutes, whistles, bombarde, concertina
Sileas (Pasty Seddon & Mary MacMaster) clarsachs
Bernard O’Neill cello
Paul James soprano saxophone, half-long bagpipes
Nigel Eaton hurdy gurdy
Mark Emerson violin

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TSCD490 webTabor’s characteristic choice and blend of traditional songs and compositions by Richard Thompson, Ralph McTell and other contemporary songwriters are enhanced by sensitive arrangements.

‘Tabor’s singing is spellbinding. She is one of the great singers of any genre.’ The Guardian

June Tabor is accompanied by:
Andy Cutting
diatonic accordion
Mark Emerson violin, viola
Mark Lockheart clarinet, tenor & soprano saxophones
Dudley Phillips double bass
Huw Warren piano, piano accordion

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TSCD298 webIn this impressive debut Tabor tackles not only the traditional stories of Reynardine and the Plains of Waterloo but the harrowing narrative of Eric Bogle’s World War I song The Band Played Waltzing Matilda, in what is now recognised as its definitive version
‘She has the rare gift of releasing the innermost warmth and light of the old songs’ – DAILY TELEGRAPH

June Tabor vocals
Nic Jones guitar & fiddle
Jon Gillaspie keyboards

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TSCD410 webThis album glows with the very special energy of a natural musical partnership, as June Tabor’s bold steps are faultlessly tracked by guitarist Martin Simpson. As well as compositions by Richard Thompson, Bill Caddick and other contemporary writers, Tabor offers a song in French, Le Roi Renaud.

June Tabor vocals
Martin Simpson guitar
Ric Saunders violin
Dave Bristow keyboards
Jon Davie bass

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Any new album from a performer described by The Guardian as “one of the great singers of any genre” is an event in itself, but this time, June has chosen a programme of material reflecting her two great passions – music and the land. The material is drawn from an extraordinarily varied range of sources ranging from Tchaikovsky to Les Barker, from the 15th Century to the present day, from the esoteric to the beautifully simple. All centre on tales of the rose; whether sacred, secular or as a symbol of love.

Rosa Mundi, June Tabor’s celebration of the rose, re-enforces her standing as a singer of considerable importance with a startling ability to imbue material with clarity and exquisite beauty, using a voice that, over a thirty year period, has won her world-wide admiration and acclaim.

“the greatest folk singer currently working …. a set that both transcends its theme and makes complete sense of it” ★★★★ Q Magazine

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An Introduction to June Tabor & An Introduction to Anne Briggs

The second two releases in our Introduction series are available now

An Introduction to June TaborAn Introduction to June Tabor (TICD003)
An introduction to the magical work of June Tabor. Covering songs from her many record releases on the Topic Record label between 1976 to 2011. June Tabor is quiet simply one of Britain’s greatest interpreters of popular Folk song and has been described by Elvis Costello as ‘The great voice of English folk music’.

Available now from the Topic Shop,, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and all good music retailers.

Track list: 1. While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping / 2. The Band Played Waltzing Matilda / 3. The Devil and Bailiff McGlynn / 4. No Man’s Land / Flowers of The Forest / 5. Unicorns / 6. The Scarecrow / 7. Aqaba / 8. Hedger And Ditcher / 9. Shallow Brown / 10. A Place Called England / 11. Maybe Then I’ll Be A Rose / 12. Oh! Alas, I Am In Love / 13. The Rigs Of Rye / 14. Finisterre / 15. The Dark End Of The Street

An Introduction to Anne BriggsAn Introduction to Anne Briggs (TICD004)
An introduction to the magical work of Anne Briggs. Tracks include early recordings featured on albums ‘The Iron Muse’ and ‘The Bird In The Bush’ as well as material from her Hazards of Love E.P. and stunning solo album simply titled Anne Briggs. There is also the inclusion of tracks from her long-lost album ‘Sing A Song For You’.

Available now from the Topic Shop,, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and all good music retailers.

Track list: 1. The Recruited Collier / 2. The Doffing Mistress / 3. Polly Vaughan / 4. Rosemary Lane / 5. Gathering Rushes In The Month Of May / 6. The Stonecutter Boy / 7. Blackwater Side / 8. Go Your Way (My Love) / 9. The Cuckoo / 10. Reynardine / 11. Young Tambling / 12. Maa Bonny Boy / 13. Sing A Song For You / 14. The Bonambuie / 15. Tongue In Cheek


TSCD449 webAnother collaboration of Tabor and producer Andrew Cronshaw, Aqaba contains the Jewish lament Mayn Rue Plats, more pieces by Bill Caddick and Dave Goulder and the noble cadences of the traditional songs Searching for Lambs and Bogie’s Bonnie Belle.

June Tabor vocals
Huw Warren piano
Ric Saunders violin
Martin Simpson guitar
Dave Bristow synthesizer
Ian Blake bass clarinet

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TSCD432 webJune Tabor’s vocal artistry is especially vividly captured in this 1983 album, produced by Andrew Cronshaw. It opens with a song by Lal & Mike Waterson, closes with one by Joni Mitchell and takes in on the way the African-American spiritual Lay This Body Down.

June Tabor vocals
Dave Bristow keyboards
Martin Simpson guitar
Ric Saunders violin

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A collection of dark traditional songs reset in the present day by Ashley Hutchings. Sung by Coope, Boyes & Simpson, Steve Knightley, Cara Dillon, Dick Gaughan, Helen Watson, Vin Garbutt, Judy Dunlop, Dave Burland, Kathryn Roberts with Equation, John Tams, June Tabor, Pete Morton and Nasreen Shah.
An outstanding new album conceived and produced by one of the most significant creators in the folk music field. Traditional music has always changed and adapted to fit and respond to the society that it reflects. Ashley Hutchings has re-written a dozen traditional songs and set them in the present day – don’t be alarmed, the experiment has worked beautifully and the results may well pass into tradition themselves.
Each song is based on a traditional work and has retained the original tune – only the words have been changed. A cast of major contemporary interpreters of traditional song was chosen, song by song, and each has contributed mightily – producing a program of outstanding performance. In addition to that, the sensitive arrangements and backings have enhanced the whole project still further – producing an album that is both adventurous and highly enjoyable.

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Twenty one years ago June Tabor and Oysterband collaborated on the classic Freedom And Rain album – frequently regarded as one of the Top 5 Folk albums of all time.

Over the intervening years they have occasionally performed together at gigs and in 2010 were invited to reunite for fRoots’ 30th birthday party at the Roundhouse. They all came off-stage determined to make a belated follow-up. The magnificent Ragged Kingdom arguably surpasses the earlier recording.

“There’s enough emotional power here to fuel a circuit of the sun. The reunion of Oysterband and Tabor has created a masterpiece.” ★★★★★ Songlines

“Striking gold by fusing the contemporary and traditional is at the heart of the folk process. Ragged Kingdom raises the alchemy of that process to the highest level.” The Independent

“This was worth waiting for.” ★★★★★ The Guardian

“Glorious.” ★★★★★ MOJO

“Oysterband provide tough textures and lyrical twists, while June Tabor could sing the washing instructions on a duvet and make it sound as profound as the Gettysburg Address.” The Word

“…one reunion that works so magnificently, it even overshadows the magical memories of their previous collaboration…” fRoots

Bonny Bunch Of Roses : JUNE TABOR & OYSTERBAND by Topic Records

track list:
1     Bonny Bunch Of Roses
2     That Was My Veil
3     Son David
4     Love Will Tear Us Apart
5     (When I Was No But) Sweet Sixteen
6     Judas (Was A Red-Headed Man)
7     If My Love Loves Me
8     The Hills Of Shiloh
9     Fountains Flowing
10    The Leaves Of Life
11    Seven Curses
12    The Dark End Of The Street

June Tabor voice
John Jones voice, melodeon
Ray Cooper cello, mandolin, bass guitar, harmonium, voice
Dil Davies drums
Alan Prosser guitars, kantele, fiddle, voice
Ian Telfer fiddle
Al Scott bass guitar, mandola

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