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Ragged kingdom

In 1990 June Tabor and Oysterband collaborated on the classic Freedom And Rain album – frequently regarded as one of the Top 5 Folk albums of all time.
Twenty one years later they’ve reconvened, to record the magnificent Ragged Kingdom. The album will be released on Monday 19th September.

Invited to reunite for fRoots’ 30th birthday party at the Roundhouse they all came off-stage determined to make a belated follow-up to their earlier collaboration.

”The spark” says Oysterband’s Ian Telfer “is we really feel we do something together which is different from what we do as separate acts. There is something in the combination of June’s exquisite dark voice with the supple energy of Oysterband that greatly pleases us. June comes to recording fantastically well prepared: every nuance of meaning and feeling considered in advance and plotted in her mind. Then she stands in the studio and delivers one perfect take, like an act of Chinese calligraphy. Or maybe Chinese cooking: the work is all in the preparation.”

Ragged Kingdom
Topic TSCD585

track list:

1     Bonny Bunch Of Roses
2     That Was My Veil
3     Son David
4     Love Will Tear Us Apart
5     (When I Was No But) Sweet Sixteen
6     Judas (Was A Red-Headed Man)
7     If My Love Loves Me
8     The Hills Of Shiloh
9     Fountains Flowing
10    The Leaves Of Life
11    Seven Curses
12    The Dark End Of The Street

Bonny Bunch Of Roses : JUNE TABOR & OYSTERBAND by Topic Records

That Was My Veil : JUNE TABOR & OYSTERBAND by Topic Records

“A marriage made in heaven.” Rolling Stone

“Glorious.” ★★★★★ Mojo

“This is one reunion that works so magnificently it even overshadows the magical memories of their previous collaboration 21 years ago.” Colin Irwin, fRoots

with thanks to Ian Anderson at fRoots

“Striking gold by fusing the contemporary and traditional is at the heart of the folk process. Ragged Kingdom raises the alchemy of that process to the highest level.” Tim Cumming / The Independent

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