Traditional and contemporary folk from the British Isles


Traditional songs, airs and dance music in Ulster. A 3CD set drawn from the recordings made by Peter Kennedy and Sean O’Boyle during 1952 and 1953.
Selected and presented by Reg Hall.

Traditional music-making in Ireland in 1952 was flourishing well enough in its own social settings, but it was largely hidden from the view of mainstream society. Certainly, radio and the record industry on both sides of the border scarcely knew of its existence. So it is quite remarkable that Peter Kennedy from London and Sean O’Boyle from Armagh should have combined forces and taken upon themselves, with limited resources and technical equipment, to explore and record what they could find in Ulster. This album presents a selection of their location recordings, most of which have never been issued commercially before. Each of the three CDs is presented as a separate programme but, taken together, they give a wide and varied view of traditional music in Ulster in the early 1950s.

PADDY TUNNEY : Lough Erne Shore
BRIGID TUNNEY : THe Mountain Streams Where The Moorcocks Crow
JOE TUNNEY : Untitles Polka
JOE TUNNEY : Pat Hart’s (single jig)
JOE TUNNEY : Miss Monaghan / The Gree Mountain / The Scholar (reels)
ANNIE LUNNY : My Charming Buachall Roe
ANNIE LUNNY : Deartháirin ó mo Chroi
JOHN DOHERTY : Bundle and Go (single jig)
JOHN DOHERTY : Miss McLeod’s Reel
10  JOHN DOHERTY : Gusty’s Frolics (slip jig)
11  JOHN DOHERTY : Moorlough Mary
12  JOHN DOHERTY : Marry When You’re Young (reel)
13  JOHN DOHERTY : Boney Crossing the Alps
14  JOHN DOHERTY : The Last Figure of The Lancers
15  MICK GALLAGHER : The Rollicking Boys Around Tandragee
16  MAUREEN MELLY : Buachaillin Donn
17  MAUREEN MELLY : Paddy Shinaghan’s Cow
18  MAUREEN MELLY : Farewell Green Erin
19  PADDY TUNNEY : The Blackbird
20  NEILIDH BOYLE : The Loughanure Tune (reel)
21  NEILIDH BOYLE : Seán sa Cheo (reel)
22  NEILIDH BOYLE : Pleoid ar an Fharraige is i átá Morl
23  NEILIDH BOYLE : Sráid na mBúrcach (verse and air)
24  SHEILA GALLAGHER : An Seanduine Dóite
25  SHEILA GALLAGHER : In Aimsir Bhaint an Fhéir
26  PAT BELL KEOWN : The Wearing of the Britches
27  MAUREEN MELLY : The Blackbird of Avondale
28  MAUREEN MELLY : My Dark Slender Boy
29  SIMIE DOHERTY : Bonnie Kate (reel)
30  SIMIE DOHERTY : Cuffe Street (reel)
31  SIMIE DOHERTY : The Pigeon on the Gate (reel)
32  SIMIE DOHERTY : The Tullaghan Lasses (reel)
33  SIMIE DOHERTY : Mooney’s Favourite (reel)
34  BRIGID TUNNEY : The Heathery Hills
35  BRIGID TUNNEY : The Soldier and the Sailor
36  BRIGID TUNNEY : Wee Paddy Molloy
37  JOHN DOHERTY : The Altantic Roar (hornpipe)
38  JOHN DOHERTY : Rocking The Cradle

JOHNNY PICKERING : The Basket of Oysters (highland) / Jackson’s Rum Punch (jig)
JOHNNY PICKERING : Green Grow The Laurels O / Love, Will You Marry Me (highlands)
McCUSKER BROTHERS CEILI BAND : Biddy The Bowl Wife / I Lost My Love & I Care Not / King of the Cannibal Islands (jigs)
McCUSKER BROTHERS CEILI BAND : Untitled / Untitled / Jenny Lind (polkas)
5 VINCENT & JOHN & McCUSKER : The First of May (reel)
VINCENT & JOHN & McCUSKER : 3 untitled mazurkas
McCUSKER BROTHERS CEILI BAND : Monymusk / Kafoozalum / Maggie Pickens (highlands)
VINCENT & JOHN & McCUSKER : Tatter Jack Walsh (jig)
VINCENT & JOHN & McCUSKER : The Princess Royal (set dance)
10  McCUSKER BROTHERS CEILI BAND : The Man from Newry / The Barndance (hornpipe & barndance)
11  VINCENT, JOHN & BENIGNUS McCUSKER : Jockey to the Fair (set dance)
12  JOHN McCUSKER : The Orange Rogue (set dance)
13  McCUSKER BROTHERS CEILI BAND : McKenna’s / The Tinker’s Apron / The Antrim (reels)
14  McCUSKER BROTHERS CEILI BAND : The Sweeys of May (single jig)
15  JOHN MAGUIRE : The Gosson that Beat his Father (reel)
16  JOHN MAGUIRE : The First House In Connaught (reel)
17  JOHN MAGUIRE : Lovely Nancy (jig)
18  JOHN MAGUIRE : The Maid of the House (reel)
19  JOHN MAGUIRE : The Boys of Leefive (reel)
20  JOHN MAGUIRE : The Cuckoo’s Nest (hornpipe)
21  PADDY McLUSKEY : All The Way To Galway (polka)
22  PADDY McLUSKEY : Napoleon Crossing the Alps (march)
23  PADDY McLUSKEY : The Cuckoo’s Nest (hornpipe)
24  PADDY McLUSKEY : The Ewe with the Crooked Horn (reel)
25  DANNY McNIFF : Coming Home from Reilly’s Party (jig)
26  EDDIE MOOR : The Clap Dance / The Soldier’s Joy
27  PHILIP BREEN : Unidentified / Monymusk (highlands)
28  PHILIP BREEN : Woodland Whispers (waltz)
29  PHILIP BREEN : The Flax In Bloom / The Dairymaid / The Galway Rambler
30  SEAN MAGUIRE, LIAM DONNELLY, TOM TURKINGTON & BILL MONTGOMERY : The Sailor’s Bonnet / Kiss The Bride / Roaring Mary (reels)
31  SEAN MAGUIRE & BILL MONTGOMERY : The Flax In Bloom / The Millstone / The Dairymaid (reels)

1   CHRISTY PURCELL : The Dark-Eyed Gypsy
MARY CONNORS : What Brought The Blood?
LAL SMITH : I Am A Maid That’s Deep In Love
MARY DORAN : Here’s A Health unto All Truelovers
PADDY DORAN : Three Jolly Old Sportsmen
MARY CONNORS : The Lovely Banks of Lea
CHRISTY PURCELL : The Bandy-Legged Mule
LAL SMITH : Early, Early In The Month of Spring
10  CHRISTY PURCELL : The Lodging-House in Carrick-on-Suir
11  MARY DORAN : The Rambling Irishman
12  PADDY DORAN : Dungarvan
13  LAL SMITH : The Bold English Navvy
14  PADDY DORAN : The Little Beggarman (hornpipe)
15  WINNIE RYAN : Going to Mass Last Sunday
16  PADDY DORAN : Kate From Ballinamore
17  MARY CONNORS & PADDY DORAN : The Miles I Have Rambled
18  CHRISTY PURCELL : The Fair At Spancil Hill
19  MARY CONNORS : Come All You Loyal Lovers
20  WINNIE RYAN : Early, Early In The Spring
21  PADDY DORAN : Blackwaterside
22  MARY CONNORS : I Wish I Was In Newross Town
23  LAL SMITH : Nancy Hogan’s Goose
24  WINNIE RYAN : I Am a Poor Girl and My Life It Is Sad

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