Traditional and contemporary folk from the British Isles

TSCD751 The Voice of the People

TSCD751The Voice of the People is a tremendous collection of Traditional Music recordings from the British Isles – England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales. The series runs to 20 CDs and presents an extensive and varied picture of traditional singing, instrumental music-making and dancing throughout the course of the 20th century.

This specially priced twenty-track introduction to the Voice of the People series features a track from each of the original 20 albums together with an introductory note.

• “Great music in really vital – and absolutely unique – performances. An indispensable resource for anyone genuinely interested in traditional folk songs and their performance” NetRhythms

1  PADDY TUNNEY voice : When a Man’s in Love He Feels No Cold
2  SAM LARNER voice : In Scarborough Town
3  BELLE STEWART voice : The Two Brothers
4  MARGARET BARRY & MICHAEL GORMAN voice, banjo & fiddle : Farewell My Own Dear Native Land
5  JOE HEANEY voice : The Rocks of Bawn
6  JOSEPH TAYLOR voice : Bold William Taylor
7  CHARLIE WILLS voice : Up to the Rigs of London Town
8  SARAH MAKEM voice : The Wind That Shakes the Barley
9  SCAN TESTER & RABBITY BAXTER concertina & tambourine : Untitled Polka
10 POP MAYNARD voice : The Seeds of Love
11 PHOEBE SMITH voice : The Tan Yard Side
12 HARRY COX voice : Just as the Tide was a-Flowing
13 DAVIE STEWART voice : I’m Often Drunk and Seldom Sober
14 PHIL TANNER voice : The Four-Hand Reel
15 JIMMY McBEATH voice : I’m a Stranger in this Country
16 THE SAILOR’S HOBBY HORSE (Minehead) : Live Performance (tune: Joe, The Boat is Tipping Over)
17 JEANNIE ROBERTSON voice : The Gypsy Laddies
18 WALTER PARDON voice : The Poachers’ Fate
19 WILL ATKINSON mouth-organ : jigs – Hexham Races / The Stool of Repentance
20 FRED JORDAN voice : We Shepherds are the Best of Men

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