Traditional and contemporary folk from the British Isles


Albania’s turbulent past, with its patchwork history of occupation, has produced a traditional rural music of remarkable variety as well as great beauty. Unaccompanied heroic ballads, funeral laments and political and lyrical songs are interspersed with dance-tunes on various lutes, flutes and reed instruments and by small bands. Recorded in the field in 1965 by A.L.Lloyd.

North Albania
1  Këngë Maje Krahi
2  Valle e Lezhës
3  Këngë Djepi
4  Ti Në Kodër, Un Në Kodër
5  Vajtim
6  Dhent Në Mrizë
7  Kenga e Çun Mulës
8  Zenel Kadrija
9  Melodi Baritore
South Albania
10  Valle e Gajdëes
11 O Bilbil Sakat, Sakat
12  Vajtim
13  Liazore
14  Avazi i Dy Motrave
15  Do Dalim Nga Myzeqqja
16  Kaba Vençe
17  Fuat Bahani
18  Valle Kolnjarçe
19  Kaba Me Gërnetë