TSCD496 webA L ‘Bert’ Lloyd occupied a unique position in the folksong revival of the 1950s and ’60s. He was a musicologist with an international reputation, who wrote on the social history of British folk music and broadcast many series on traditional musics of the world. A learned and kindly mentor to younger singers, he was himself a performer of great charm, who united in his performances a scholar’s respect for text and a singer’s instinct for expression.

These songs of merriment and mayhem were of the kind, Lloyd said, that might be heard ‘around the barroom table of a little country alehouse on a Saturday night not drinking songs in the strict sense – not songs merely in praise of liquor’ but songs that ‘tell a bit of a story songs as sly as a tinker’s wink, as rough as a ploughman’s hand.’ They are accompanied on banjo or concertina.

1  The Derby Ram
2  The Foggy Dew
3  Maggie May
4  When Johnson’s Ale Was New
5  The Butcher & the Chambermaid
6  A Jug of Punch
7  The Parson & the Maid
8  Three Drunken Huntsmen
9  All for Me Grog
10  The Drunken Maidens
11  Rosin the Beau
12  The Farmer’s Servant
13  John Barleycorn
14  A Jug of This

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