A collection of dark traditional songs reset in the present day by Ashley Hutchings. Sung by Coope, Boyes & Simpson, Steve Knightley, Cara Dillon, Dick Gaughan, Helen Watson, Vin Garbutt, Judy Dunlop, Dave Burland, Kathryn Roberts with Equation, John Tams, June Tabor, Pete Morton and Nasreen Shah.

An outstanding new album conceived and produced by one of the most significant creators in the folk music field. Traditional music has always changed and adapted to fit and respond to the society that it reflects. Ashley Hutchings has re-written a dozen traditional songs and set them in the present day – don’t be alarmed, the experiment has worked beautifully and the results may well pass into tradition themselves.

Each song is based on a traditional work and has retained the original tune – only the words have been changed. A cast of major contemporary interpreters of traditional song was chosen, song by song, and each has contributed mightily – producing a program of outstanding performance. In addition to that, the sensitive arrangements and backings have enhanced the whole project still further – producing an album that is both adventurous and highly enjoyable.

1  Doing Time To Fit Your Crime : John Tams, Barry Coope, Jim Boyes & Lester Simpson vocals
2  Damn The Day : Pete Morton vocal & guitar
3  He’s Young But He’s Growing : Cara Dillon vocal & whistle Seth Lakeman violin & guitar
4 Young Henry Martin : Dick Gaughan vocal & guitar
5  Salford Girls : Helen Watson vocal & harmonica
6  He Ran Out Of Road : Judy Dunlop & John Tams vocals
7  Endless Pages : Steve Knightley vocal & mandocello
8  A Drummer Won My Love : Kathryn Roberts with Equation
9  Three Jolly Burglars : Vin Garbutt vocal & whistle
10  The Shape Of A Girl : Dave Burland vocal
11  These Cold Lips : June Tabor vocal Mark Emerson piano
12  I’m A Poor Dress-Maker : Nasreen Shah vocal