A lost classic, first released in 1967 and immediately recognised as a recording landmark. Rags, Reels & Airs focuses solely on Dave Swarbrick and it finally gave him a chance to really stretch out and demonstrate his leading instrumental prowess. The result was a new era of English instrumental folk music and a new approach to folk music altogether.

Rags, Reels & Airs was produced by Joe Boyd, who would soon introduce Dave Swarbrick to Fairport Convention – the result of which was Liege & Lief and a whole new era for folk and rock music. Joe Boyd’s sleeve notes included this comment: ‘This record should provide ample evidence of the fact that Dave Swarbrick is doing perhaps the finest job of reconciling traditional instrumental styles with modern ideas and technique’.

Dave Swarbrick fiddle, mandolin, 8-string fiddle
Martin Carthy guitar
Diz Disley guitar

1 Spanish Ladies Medley
2 Hens March to the Middens
3 Bottom of the Punchbowl / The Swallow Tail / Marquis of Tullybardine
4 Barney Brallaghan / The New Widow Well Married / Paddy Be Aisy
5 Dill Pickles Rag
6 Gurty’s Frolics
7 The Blackbird
8 The Cuckoo’s Nest
9 Lietrum Fancy Medley
10 Porcupine Rag
11 Villafjord / Fourposter Bed
12 Staten Island / Jimmy Allen
13 The Salamanca Medley
14 The Teetotallers Medley
15 Lord Mayo
16 The Kid on the Mountain
17 Jolly Tinker / Rags & Tatters
18 Father Kelly / Skopje / Sligo Maid

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