TSCD384 webTraditional and contemporary songs sung with grace and feeling are interspersed with bagpipe jigs and fiddle reels transposed to guitar in this multifaceted collection. The CD includes bonus tracks from Dick’s 1977 instrumental collection Coppers And Brass and two songs from the 1975 The Bonnie Pit Laddie set.

Dick Gaughan guitar, vocals
Alistair Anderson English concertina
Barry Lyons bass guitar
Tom Hickland piano

1  Bonnie Jeannie o’ Bethelnie
2  Bonnie Lass Amang the Heather
6/8 marches: Alan MacPherson of Mosspark / The Jig of Slurs
4  Crooked Jack
5  The Recruited Collier
6  The Augengeich Disaster
7  Bonnie Woodha’
8  The Pound a Week Rise
12/8 jigs & reels: Ask My Father / Lads of Laoise / The Connaught Heifers
10  My Donald
11  jigs: Strike the Gay Harp / Shores of Lough Gowna
12  Willie o’ Winsbury
13  Such a Parcel o’ Rogues in a Nation
14  Shetland reels: Jack Broke the Prison Door / Donald Blue / Wha’ll Dance wi’ Wattie
15  Gillie Mor

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