TSCD494 webOn Rice Eliza Carthy looks afresh at British – and other – traditional musics.
“If this is the future of British folk music, it is in good hands.”MOJO
“Audaciously Brilliant.”The Observer
Album of the YearFolk Roots
Nominated for the prestigious Mercury Music Prize Album of the Year

1  Blow the Winds / The Game of Draughts
2  The Snow It Melts the Soonest
3  Picking Up Sticks / The Old Mole / Felton Lonnin / Kingston Girls
4  Miller & the Lass
5  Herring Song
6  Mons Meg
7  Tuesday Morning
8  Haddock & Chips
9  The Americans Have Stolen My True Love Away
10  Zycanthos Jig / Tommy’s Foot / Quebecois
11  The Sweetness of Mary / Holywell Hornpipe / Swedish
12  Benjamin Bowmaneer
13  Commodore Moore / The Black Dance / A Andy O

Eliza Carthy fiddle, viola, piano, djembe, singing
Saul Rose melodeon, one-row accordion, singing
Ed Boyd acoustic guitar, bouzouki
Eleanor Waterson singing
Lucy Adams feet, clogs, singing
Billericay Fontenot guitar, singing
Thorngumbold Fontenot singing

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