The great traditional ballads are storytelling at its dark, urgent best and the greatest exponent of this folk art was Ewan MacColl. Traditional narrative ballads are at the centre of the British Folk Tradition. They told stories which helped define the English and Scottish national characters; stories about murder and intrigue, love and discord on both the epic and domestic scale, but stories that told us about ourselves.

Ewan MacColl was the folk revival’s greatest proponent of the ballad; ballads were central to his conception of the folk revival and at the core of his recordings and performances. His commitment showed in his performances, where the story was everything. No one who ever witnessed him performing one of the great ballads live will ever forget it. Ballads: Murder, Intrigue, Love, Discord is a great selection of performances originally released in 1956 and never before on CD. This beautiful double CD is lovingly remastered and packaged in a slipcase with a 64 page booklet with extensive notes and full texts of all the songs.

“An unmissable collection celebrating the man’s interpretative genius” ★★★★ Uncut
“Majestic – the intensity, power, drive and drama of these performances are undiminished” ★★★★★ Songlines
“This lovingly compiled double disc of previously unreleased [on CD] material, with its richly detailed booklet, provides both a fascinating archive and an authentic naked plunge into the deep wellspring of traditional song” Acoustic

Ballads of Murder & Intrigue
1  The Cruel Mother
2  Johnnie O’ Breadisley
3  Lang Johnni More
4  Jock The Leg
5  Hughie The Graeme
6  The Douglas Tragedy
7  The Dowie Dens Of Yarrow
8  Captain Ward And The Rainbow
9  Clyde’s Water
10  The Crafty Farmer
11  Lord Gregory
12  Gil Morice
13  My Son David
14  The Battle Of Harlaw
15  The Bonnie Hoose Of Airlie

Ballads of Love & Discord
1  The Rantin’ Laddie
2  The Earl Of Aboyne
3  The Cooper Of Fife
4  Captain Wedderburn’s Courtship
5  The Jolly Beggar
6  The Beggar Laddie
7  Our Goodman
8  The Laird O’Drum
9  The Broomfield Hill
10  Get Up And Bar The Door
11  Hind Horn
12  The Trooper And The Maid
13  Amang The Blue Flowers And The Yellow
14  The Keach In The Creal

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