TSCD471 webRowsome was one of the great style-makers of Irish pipe music. ‘Everywhere he went,’ writes his friend Sean Reid in the notes, ‘he added glamour to a unique, expressive and truly native instrument, a living link with the historic Irish nation.’

This collection, accurately remastered from recordings spanning 1926-48, exhibits his highly personal approach in a programme of tunes both familiar and rare.

reels: Boil the Breakfast Early / The Heather Breeze
air & march: Savourneen Deelish / Clare’s Dragoons
3  The Blackbird
4  St Patrick’s Day
airs of ’98: Boolavogue / The Old Bog Road
marches: The Boys of Wexford / Kelly the Boy from Killane
hornpipes: Rights of Man / Wexford / Dunphy’s
reels: The Broom / Star of Munster / The Milliner’s Daughter
waltzes: Day Dreams / The Low Backed Car
10  jigs: Kitty’s Rambles / Donnybrook Fair / The Butcher’s March
11  hornpipes: The Plains of Boyle / Bantry Bay Hornpipe
12  reels: The Collier’s Reel / The Sligo Maid
13 jigs: Gillan’s Apples / The Maid of Tramore
14  hornpipes: The Independent Hornpipe / The Star Hornpipe
15  seven part jig: The Frieze Breeches
16  hornpipes: Tomorrow Morning / The Cloone Hornpipe
17  jigs: The Cook in the Kitchen / Rakes of Kildare
18  hornpipes: The Sweep’s Hornpipe / The Friendly Visit
19  set dance: Jockey to the Fair
20  jigs: My Darling Asleep / Tongues of Fire
21  hornpipes: Higgin’s Hornpipe / The Queen of May
22  marches:The Fairies’ Revels / I Won’t Be a Nun
23  jigs: Shandon Bells / Haste to the Wedding
24  slip jig: The Rocky Road to Dublin

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