TSCD474 webWith her flamboyant delivery and idiosyncratic banjo-playing Margaret Barry brought the art of the street-singer into the pubs and clubs of Irish London in the 1950s and ’60s, frequently accompanied by the fiddler Michael Gorman.

‘To be confronted with a past so recent, so arrestingly singular and so irrecoverable catches alike the heart and the imagination.’– Mojo

Margaret Barry voice, banjo
Michael Gorman
William Clancy uilleann pipes
Paddy Breen flageolet
Tommy Maguire button accordeon
Patsy Goulding piano
Martin Byrnes fiddle

1  The Cycling Championship of Ulster
2  The Flower of Sweet Strabane
reel: Dr Gilbert
4  The Turfman from Ardee
jigs: The Rambling Pitchfork / Fasten the Legging
6  The Galway Shawl
polkas: Maguire’s Favourite / Tralee Gaol / Maggie in the Wood
8  The Wild Colonial Boy
9  Dwyer’s Hornpipe
10  My Lagan Love
11  hornpipe: The Boys of Bluehill
12  reels: The Yellow Tinker / The Corner House
13  The Factory Girl
14  Her Mantle So Green
15  reels: The Bunch of Keys / The Heather Breeze
16  Our Ship is Ready

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