TSCD300 webThough on its first release in 1976 Crown of Horn attracted attention with its unpredictable elements, such as Leon Rosselson’s mordant song Palaces of Gold, the album can now be seen as a logical stage in Carthy’s development, as well as a further bold demonstration of his creative approach to traditional song.

“Martin Carthy has the ability to make singing sound easy – he tells stories to tunes, sometimes unaccompanied, and Crown of Horn shows the master of English folk song at his best.” Songlines

Martin Carthy vocals, guitar

1  The Bedmaking
2  Locks & Bolts
3  King Knapperty
4  Geordie
5  Willie’s Lady
6  Virginny
7  The Worcestershire Wedding
8  Bonny Lass of Anglesey
9  William Taylor the Poacher
10  Old Tom of Oxford
11  Palaces of Gold

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