TSCD492 webThis lively collaboration from two master musicians, recorded 1992, features a poignant reading of the ballad Lucy Wan and a long medley of tunes by the Irish harpist O’Carolan.

1  The Sheepstealer
2  The Poacher
3  I Courted a Damsel
4  Lucy Wan
5  The Trip We Took Over the Mountain
6  The Skewbald
7  The Ride in the Creel
8  The Brown Girl
9  Such a War Has Never Been
10  Perfumes of Arabia
11  Carthy’s Reel /The Return to Camden Town
12  The New Mown Hay
13  Clyde’s Water
14  Mrs Bermingham / No.178 / Blind Mary

Martin Carthy vocals, guitar
Dave Swarbrick fiddle

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