The legendary, ground-breaking duo in a startlingly intense reunion on this 2006 album. All the old skills are demonstrated with a new collection of traditional songs and instrumentals. Their experienced approach to their art lacks none of the fervour of their early days, and brings a maturity born of many years living with the music that is an integral part of their beings.

“Intense and demanding, this is hard core traditional music. Sublime fiddle playing and the passionate delivery of evocative old songs by their ablest interpretor.” Telegraph
“The super-duo are back together after 14 years.” ★★★★ The Guardian
“Swarbrick is an absolute revelation here, as instinctively sympathetic and wickedly inspirational as he ever was. It’s like they were a couple of twenty somethings again. To hear Swarb bowing with such soul and tenderness and dynamism too is an unconditional joy.” fRoots

1  Death Of Queen Jane
2  Ship In Distress
3  Whalecatchers
4  When I Was A Little Boy
5  Bride’s March From Unst / True Lover’s Lament / Lord Inchiquin
6  Royal Oak
7  Treadmill Song
8  Unfortunate Tailor
9  Bold Benjamin
10  Mrs Marriott
11  Jacky Tar
12  Mermaid
13  Lord Thomas And Fair Eleanor
14  My Heart’s In New South Wales

Martin Carthy vocals, guitar
Dave Swarbrick fiddle
Kevin Dempsey plays second guitar on My Heart’s in New South Wales

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