A collection of melodeon masterpieces
Amidst the popular singers and military bands in the catalogues of early British record companies like Imperial, Invicta and Guardsman were a number of remarkable melodeon players with a mature command of traditional repertoire. Carefully transferred from largely acoustic recordings going back to 1909, these performances by Scots and Northern English musicians are a hidden treasury of traditional styles. Compiled, with detailed notes, by the traditional music historian Keith Chandler.

James Brown Irish Jigs
W.F.Cameron Flowers of Edinburgh
Peter & Daniel Wyper Stranger March
James Brown The Thistle Schottische
William Hannah Pibroch O’Donald Dhu
James Brown Miss Drumond of Perth
Peter Wyper Silverton Polka
‘Pamby Dick’ Boston Bells Barn Dance
James Brown Irish Jigs
10  Jack Williams Queen Mary Waltz
11  Peter Leatham Shufflin’ Samuel
12  Peter Wyper 79th Highlanders & Champion Marches
13  Peter Leatham Hornpipe Medley
14  James Brown Rose Polka
15  Daniel Wyper Scotch reels – Roll Her On the Hill / Soldier’s Joy / Clean Peastrae / Fairy Dance
16  ‘Pamby Dick’ Stirling Castle Strathspey
17  Peter Wyper two step – The Dancing Dustman
18  Jack Williams Bit o’Blarney
19  Peter Leatham The Laird o’Drumblair
20  William Hannah Duke of Perth
21  Peter Leatham Sammie’s Schottische
22  Peter Wyper Lion Quadrilles Figure 4
23  Fred Cameron Rights of Man Hornpipe
24  Peter & Daniel Wyper Doon the Burn March
25  ‘Pamby Dick’ Irish Reels