The Watersons, the most influential and best loved English vocal group of its day, disbanded in the late 1960s only to reform again in 1973. In 1975, they released their finest recorded work, For Pence And Spicy Ale (TSCD574). Fired up and full of music, Mike Waterson stepped out of the shadows of The Watersons to record his only solo album. Upon its release in 1977, Melody Maker, which was the most popular music paper of the time, wrote of the album, “Almost every track emerges as an epic…no song defeats him…a monumental work”

Regarded as one of the best singers to emerge from the English folk song revival, Mike Waterson’s voice is known to all those who are familiar with The Watersons. Here, however, the focus is on Mike alone and he brings depths to his material not possible on group projects.” This reissue includes two extra tracks from the 1966 Watersons album, A Yorkshire Garland.

1  The Wensleydale Lad
2  The Brisk Lad
3  The Two Brothers
4  The Man o’ War
5  The Charlady’s Son
6  The Light Dragoon
7  The Cruel Ship’s Carpenter
8  Bye Bye, Skipper
9  Sorry the Day I Was Married
10  The Yorkshire Tup
11  Tamlyn
12  Lord Rothschild
13  Swansea Town
14  Seven Yellow Gypsies

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