tscd661 webVolume 11 of The Voice of The People.
Music of English & Welsh travellers & gypsies.
An anthology edited by REG HALL.

1 PHOEBE SMITH voice: The Yellow Handkerchief
2 HARRY BRAZIL voice: Sally Morrow
3 LEMMIE BRAZIL melodeon: God Killed The Devil
4 WIGGY SMITH voice: There Was A Rich Farmer At Sheffield
5 JASPER SMITH voice: Father Had A Knife
6 PHOEBE SMITH voice: Sweet William
7 LEVI SMITH voice: The Haymakers
8 LEVI SMITH voice: One Penny
9 AMY BIRCH voice: Over Yonder’s Hill
10 JASPER SMITH voice: The Moon Shine Bright
11 MINTY SMITH voice The Basket Of Eggs
12 BILL ELLSON voice & rnouth-organ: Will You Buy My Sweet Blooming Lavender? Love Is Pleasing
13 MARY ANN HAYNES voice: Little Dun Dee
14 HARRY LEE fiddle: The Breakdown. The Flowers Of Edinburgh
15 CHRIS WILLETT voice: The American Stranger
16 WIGGY SMITH voice: The High-Low WeII
17 JASPER & LEVI SMITH rmouth-organ, voice & drum: Cock O’The North / Garryowen / Flowers Of Edinburgh / Step lt Away / The Girl I Left Behind Me / Step lt Away
18 JASPER SMITH voice: Down In The Meadow
19 PHOEBE SMITH voice: The Tan Yard Side
20 PETER INGRAM voice: Mandi Went To Poove The Gri / Untitled Stepdance Tune / Can You Rokker Romany?
21 HARRY BRAZIL voice: A Blacksmith Courted Me
22 JASPER SMITH voice: The Small Birds Whistle
23 MARY ANN HAYNES voice: The Female Drummer
24 CHRIS WILLETT voice: Once I Was A Servant
25 MARY ANN HAYNES voice: The Colour Of Amber
26 JASPER SMITH voice: The Squire And The Gypsy
27 TOM ORCHARD voice, with TOMMY ORCHARD stepdancing: Two Untitled Stepdance Tunes.
TOM ORCHARD melodeon: Untitled Stepdance Tune
28 LEVI SMITH voice: The Game Of Cards
29 AMY BIRCH voice: Royal Comrade
30 LEVI SMITH voice: Georgie
31 MANY ANN HAYNES voice: The Young Officer
32 MAY BRADLEY voice: Under The Leaves

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