Peter Bellamy’s passions – from the great English traditional singers to the prisoners of Parchman Farm, the mountain music of the Appalachians, the Rolling Stones and especially the poems of Rudyard Kipling, were too wide-ranging to be tied to any one sort of music.

BOTH SIDES THEN – originally released in 1979 and generally considered to be his finest solo album – is a superb integration of his varied musical interests, drawing on English, Irish and Appalachian traditions. Working with close friends from The Young Tradition, The Watersons, Louis Killen and Dave Swarbrick, he explores the richness of traditional music. Peter Bellamy, who sadly died in 1991, left a remarkable body of recording which continues to inspire musicians around the world.

“Peter Bellamy’s finest hour”★★★★★ Songlines
“Classic” Taplas

Peter Bellamy
Anthea Bellamy, Louis Killen, Bill Shute and Lisa Null, Dave Swarbrick, Royston Wood, Heather Wood and The Watersons

1  Barbaree
2  The Trees They Do Grow High
3  The Lord Will Provide
4  The Gallant Frigate Amphithrite
5  A-Roving On A Winter’s Night
6  Derry Gaol
7  Long Time Travelling
8  The Maid Of Australia
9  The Shepherd Of The Downs
10  The Housecarpenter
11  When I Die
12  Edmund In The Lowlands
13  Around Cape Horn
14  The Turfman From Ardee
15  Amazing Grace

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