Volume 9 of The Voice of The People.
Dance music of the South of England.
An anthology edited by REG HALL.

1 SCAN TESTER & RABBITY BAXTER concertina & tambourine: Jenny Lind
2 JINKY WELLS fiddle & voice The Flowers Of Edinburgh / Bobbing Around
3 PERCY BROWN melodeon: The Yarmouth Breakdown
4 OSCAR WOODS melodeon: The Italian Waltz
5 THE BOSCASTLE & TINTAGEL PLAYERS concertinas, cello & stepping: The Boscastle Breakdown
6 JACK HYDE mouth-organ: Shepherd’s Hey
7 SCAN TESTER concertina: In And Out The Windows / The Monkey Hornpipe
8 THE DORSET TRIO fiddle, concertina & cello: Hands Across / The Four-Handed Reel
9 BOB CANN melodeon: Woodland Flowers / Uncle Jim’s Barndance
10 STEPHEN BALDWIN fiddle: Greensleeves. Napoleon’s March
11 JIMMY DIXON & RON WHATMORE mouth-organs: Over The Waves / The Cuckoo Waltz
12 WALTER BULWER mandolin-banjo: Old Mrs Cuddledee WALTER BULWER fiddle: The Egg Hornpipe / The Shipdham Hornpipe / The Sailor’s Hornpipe
13 SCAN TESTER & RABBITY BAXTER concertina & tambourine: Untitled Polka
14 ARNOLD WOODLEY fiddle: Johnny’s So Long At The Fair
15 BILL KIMBER concertina: Over The Hills To Glory
16 FONT WHATLING melodeon: Untitled Polka / Golden Slippers / Mick’s Tune.
17 BILLY COOPER dulcimer: The Irish Washerwoman / Garyowen / Rory O’More / St Patrick’s Day
18 THE DORSET TRIO fiddle, melodeon & cello: The Italian Schottische
19 STEPHEN BALDWIN fiddle: The Gypsy Hornpipe. Untitled Schottische
20 SCAN TESTER & DAISY SHERLOCK concertina & piano: Untitled Schottische
21 PERCY BROWN melodeon: The Veleta / The Heel And Toe Polka
22 FRED WHITING fiddle: The Earl Soham Slog. Harkie Nestling’s
23 RUTH ASKEW & GEORGE PRIVETT melodeon & spoons: The Manchester Hornpipe / Click Go The Shears
24 THE DORSET TRIO fiddle, concertina & cello: Sheep-Shearing. Untitled Polka
25 OSCAR WOODS melodeon: Untitled Polka. Untitled Polka
26 BERTIE CLARK fiddle: The Maid Of The Mill. Bacca Pipes / Jockey To The Fair.
27 JIMMY DIXON & RON WHATMORE mouth-organs: Nobody’s Darling But Mine / Untitled. Quick- Step Medley
28 THE SAILORS’ HOBBY HORSE melodeon & two drums: Live Performance

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