In her own words, Sheila Stewart is probably the last in the line of a rich oral tradition of song, story and Scots Traveller culture. She is also one of the greatest singers of traditional song. From The Heart Of The Tradition was recorded by Doc Rowe in 1999 and captures her at the height of her powers.

1 Queen Amang the Heather
2  Twa Brothers
3  False, False
4  Hatton Woods
5  Glencoe
6  Bogie’s Bonnie Belle
7  The Mill o’ Tifty’s Annie
8  Wi’ My Dog & Gun
9  Blackwaterside
10  Mantle So Green
11  Blue Bleesin’ Blind Drunk
12  Willie Leonard
13  Echo Mocks the Corncrake
14  The Moving On Song
15  Oxford Tragedy
16  Inverness-shire
17  The Convict’s Song
18  A Health To All True Lovers
19  The Nobleman’s Wedding
20  The Parting Glass

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