TSCD472 webIntroducing these recordings on their first appearance in the mid-’60s A.L. Lloyd wrote of this new singing group’s ‘hand-crafted harmonies, an immediately recognisable and uniquely distinctive group sound which is uninhibited, spontaneous seeming and rich in texture.’ What became of The Watersons after that is history, and can be followed step by step in Topic’s other Watersons CDs. Early Days recaptures the youthful sound of the original quartet in 27 performances from long-deleted albums.

1  Boston Harbour
2  The Greenland Whale Fishery
3  Three Score & Ten
4  The Broom of Cowdenknowes
5  King Arthur’s Servants
6  Rap Her to Bank
7  Dido Bendigo
8  The North Country Maid
9  Brave Wolfe
10 The Jolly Waggoners
11  I Am A Rover
12  Fathom the Bowl
13  The Thirty-Foot Trailer
14  The Holmfirth Anthem 15 Twanky-Dillo
16  The White Hare of Howden
17  All for Me Grog
18  The Poacher’s Fate
19  The Tour of the Dales
20  Willy Went to Westerdale
21  I’Anson’s Racehorse
22  The Ploughboy
23  The White Cockade
24  Ye Noble Spectators
25  Stow Brow
26  The Wanton Life of Castlegate
27  The Whitby Lad

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