Another masterful performance by the latter-day Watersons. Again, an original album by the full group has been supplemented with solo tracks by Mike and solo and duet tracks by Norma and Lal. In keeping with its title, the album focuses on songs of country life like While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping, We’ll All Go a-Hunting Today and The Brave Ploughboy.

Lal Waterson, Mike Waterson, Norma Waterson & Martin Carthy vocals

1  Stormy Winds
2  Sedgefield Fair
3  Fare Thee Well, Cold Winter
4  The Wensleydale Lad
5  Young Banker
6  While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping
7  The Prickle-Holly Bush
8  We’ll All Go A-Hunting Today
9  The Unfortunate Lass
10  The Brisk Lad
11  Hares in the Old Plantation
12  Rosebuds in June
13  The Furze Field
14  I Went to Market
15  Three Pretty Maidens
16  The Lincolnshire Shepherd
17  The Brave Ploughboy

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