tscd663 webVolume 13 of The Voice of The People.
The Joys & Curse of Drink.
An anthology edited by REG HALL.

1 FRED JORDAN voice: John Barleycorn
2 MARGARET BARRY & MICHAEL GORMAN voice. banjo & fiddle: Two Hundred Years A-Brewing
3 DAVIE STEWART voice with chorus: The Merchant’s Son
4 TOM NEWMAN voice: My Old Hat That I Got On
5 JOHN GRIFFIN voice & flute with piano: The Real Old Mountain Dew
6 GEORGE SPICER voice: Coming Home Late
7 WILLIE SCOTT voice: Piper O’Neill
8 MARY ANN CAROLAN voice: Bold Doherty
9 DONALD CUMMING & EDDY HOLMES accordeon & dulcimer: The Bottom Of The Punchbowl / The Teetotaller
10 WIGGY SMITH voice: When I Was A Young Man
11 DAVIE STEWART voice: I’m Often Drunk And Seldom Sober
12 MICHO RUSSELL voice: When Mursheen Went To Bunnan
13 FRED JORDAN voice: When Jones’s Ale Was New
14 JEANNIE ROBERTSON voice: The Bonnie Wee Lass Who Never Said No
15 WILLIE KEMP & CURLY MacKAY voice & piano-accordion: The Tinklers’ Wedding
16 PADDY TUNNEY voice: The Cow That Drank The Poteen
17 LOUIE FULLER voice: Young Maria
18 WILL POWRIE accordeon with piano: The Drunken Piper / Highland Whisky / The High Road To Linton
19 GEORGE DUNN voice: My Little Grey Horse
20 TOM LENINAN voice: Paddy’s Panacea
21 MICHAEL GORMAN (nephew) fiddle: The Broken Pledge
22 WILLIE SCOTT voice: Jock Geddes And The Soo
23 WASSAILERS (Drayton) voices: Live Performance
24 GEORGE SPICER voice with chorus: The Barley Mow

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