The village music of Turkey, collected by Wolf Dietrich in the ’60s and ’70s, includes pastoral airs on flutes, festival music on davul (drum) and zurna (oboe) and songs intricately accompanied on the saz and cumbus lutes. There are also examples of dance music on the bagpipe and kemence fiddle.

Central & Southern Anatolia
1 The Ways Of Anamur – Mehmet Kara/Ali Kara Aga
2 Three Dance Tunes: On The Back Of The Waistcoat/Does The Black Train Not Come?/Three-Step, Halay…
3 Three-Step, Halay Dance – Kemal Taskin/Ahmet Taskin
4 Long Tune, Shepherd Melody – Mehmet Ciftci
5 Dance Tune From Silifjeb – Yasar Uysal
6 The Avsar Gentleman – Suleyman Ye Silcimen
7 The Castle Roads – Hansan Durkun
8 Horon Dance From Macka – Mehmet Alan
9 High Hemshin – Cevdet Oztopal
10 Sheikh Shamil – Sadi Terniz/Yasar Aktepe
11 Village Wedding Tune – Sadi Terniz/Yasar Aktepe
12 Avsar Song (Eastern Anatolia) – Mursel Sinan

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