This HMV GV series is a catalogue of roughly 250 double sided 78rpm discs issued between 1933 and about 1958, comprising almost entirely Latin music, mainly from Cuba but also from Puerto Rico and Brazil. It drew on recordings originated by Gramaphone and Victor (hence the GV prefix). The series was aimed initially at the West African market, but subsequently reached and became very popular across the entire African continent, particularly in the Congos.

This CD provides a snapshot of what African musicians heard as they listened to the GV recordings on record, on the radio and live in local bars.

“If you want to understand why so many African bands have been so influenced by Cuban music, look no further than this great album. Superbly compiled, the album has informative liner notes (a neat mix of erudition and vivid anecdote) coupled with photos of the period.” ★★★★ Songlines

Compilation and text by Janet Topp Fargion

Trio Matamoros con dios guitarras El manicero (The peanut vendor)
Trio Matamoros Elixir de la Vida (Elixir of Life)
Trio Matamoros Mujer Celosa (Jealous Woman)
Sexteto Habanero Amparo
Sexteto Matamoros Falsa Eva (False Eva)
Sexteto Matamoros Tu veras (You’ll see)
Rico’s Creole Band Lamento esclavo (Slave’s Lament)
Canario y su grupo Alla vá (There it goes)
Orquesta Victor Antillana Menéalo que se empelota (Stir it up or she’ll get annoyed)
10  Pinta y su grupo Sifrimiento (Suffering)
11  Rico’s Creole Band Moin aime, doudou moin (My love, my sweet)
12  Orquesta Hermanos Castro Cnato por Eddy Urquia Alegre Conga (Happy conga)
13  Vicente Sigler y su orquesta Botón de Rosa (Rose bud)
14  Don Azpiazu and his orchestra La Guajira (Country woman)
15  Antonio Machin et son orchestra cubain Cachumbambé
16  Xavier Cugat and his Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra Elube Changó
17  Arsenio Rodriguez y su Cunjunto Dundumbanza
18  Trio Yara y Arbelardito Valdes y su grupo  Babae
19  Trio Yara Aires Cubanos
20  Rico’s Creole Band Madalena
21  Luiz Gonzaga Juizeiro

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