An exciting collection of authentic Greek bagpipes recorded across the entire country over the last thirty years or more. Many of the musicians are shepherds and peasants and have been recorded in their homes or local environments. Recordings and notes by the noted ethnomusicologist Wolf Dietrich.

Currently, Greece appears to have no bagpipe revival (perhaps due to the lack of bagpipe makers) so these recordings chronicle a rare traditional culture.

“There is some beautiful, flawlessly recorded material here – a well-edited labour of love” ★★★ Songlines

“A labour of love and a work of true scholarship. Highly recommended.” fRoots

1  Synkathistó (1) from Thrace
2  Story of the Shepherd from Thrace
3  Synkathistó (2) from Thrace
4  Mandílato from Thrace
5  ‘To balkonáki’ from Khalkidiki
6  ‘Tsiftetélli’ from Sérre / Macedonia
7  ‘Eleno mome’ & ‘Svarniára’ from Macedonia
8  ‘Hasápikos’ from Orini / Macedonia
9  ‘Kalokéri’ from Aridéa / Macedonia
10  Stánkena from Aridéa
11  ‘Tik’ & ‘Sérra’ Pontic dances
12  ‘Dipat’ Pontic dance
13  ‘Siganós’ from Crete
14  Malevizítiko from Crete
15  ‘Apokriátiko’ from Sámos
16  Pentozalis from Sámos
17  Diplós horós from Chios
18  Kálanta from Chios
19  Bállos from Tínos
20  Polka & Waltz from Tínos
21  ‘O Birojánnis’ from Euboea
22  Issos & Soústa from Kálymnos
23  Fingering exercise from Kálymnos
24  Fingering exercise from Káalymnos
25  Shepherd’s tune from Kálymnos
26  ‘Soústa’ from Kos
27  ‘Skopós’ from Kárpathos
28  Skopós from Kárpathos