Walter Pardon was one of England’s great traditional singers. He lived all his life in the cottage where he was born in 1914 in the village of Knapton, Norfolk and spent all his working life as a carpenter. In 1974, a tape of his singing was received by the singer Peter Bellamy and this led to him being recognised as an outstanding singer of remarkable style and repertory. He was subsequently recorded extensively for a number of LPs on the Leader, Topic and Home Made Music labels and appeared in folk-clubs and festivals including the one held at the Smithsonian Institute of Folklife in Washington, DC in 1976.

1  The Rambling Blade
2  The Lawyer
3  The Bold Fisherman
4  The Dark Eyed Sailor
5  The Bush of Australia
6  The Female Drummer
7  The Bold Princess Royal
8  The Banks of Sweet Dundee
9  The Deserter
10  The Trees They Do Grow High
11  Two Jolly Butchers
12  The Loss of the Ramillies
13  The Handsome Cabin Boy
14  The Pretty Ploughboy
15  The Cunning Cobbler
16  The Devil & the Farmer’s Wife
17  The British Man o’War
18  The Jolly Waggoner
19  The Rakish Young Fellow

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