TSCD475 webWith an eclecticism characteristic of its members, Waterson:Carthy’s first album draws upon not only the archives of British folksong but a Morris tune and a Texas waltz. What is transmitted to the listener, however, is not so much the skill of their research as the virtuosity with which they breathe life into its matter.

1  Bold Doherty
2  The Light Dragoon
3  Ye Mariners All
4  Rags & Tatters / An Moinfeuir
5  With Kitty I’ll Go
6  The Grey Cock
7  When First I Came to Caledonia
8  Orange in Bloom (The Sherborne Waltz)
9  The Slave’s Lament / Farewell to a Dark Haired Friend
10  John Hamilton
11  Sleep On Beloved
12  Midnight On the Water

Norma Waterson vocals
Martin Carthy vocals, guitar, mandolin
Eliza Carthy vocals, fiddle

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