tscd662 webVolume 12 of The Voice of The People.
Jackie Tar at sea and on shore.
An anthology edited by REG HALL.

1 JUMBO BRIGHTWELL voice: The Loss Of ‘The Ramilly’
2 PADDY TUNNEY voice: Captain Coulson
3 POP MAYNARD voice: A Sailor ln The North Country
4 HARRY COX voice: Just As The Tide Was A-Flowing
5 CHRIS WILLETT voice: The Rambling Sailor
6 SAM LARNER voice: The Sailors’ Alphabet
7 JOHN REA dulcimer: Coil The Hawser / Lord MacDonald
8 CYRIL POACHER voice: Nancy Of Yarmouth
9 JOHNNY DOUGHTY voice: Baltimore
10 MAY BRADLEY voice: The Willow Tree
11 HARRY COX voice: Come All You Men Throughout This Nation
12 JAMES McDERMOTT voice: My Mother’s Last Goodbye
13 BOB HART voice: The Female Cabin Boy
14 WALTER BULWER fiddle: The Sailor Cut Down In His Prime
15 JOHNNY DOUGHTY voice: Up The Channel
16 GEORGE LING voice: Jolly Jack The Sailor
17 NORA CLEARY voice: Farewell, Lovely Mary
18 FRANK VERRILL voice: Stowborough Town
19 GERRY WIMSEY tin-whistle: Ships Are Sailing / The Heather Breeze
20 JOHNNY DOUGHTY voice: Will You Marry Me?
21 TOM BROWN voice: Windy Old Weather
22 HARRY COX voice: The Bold ‘Princess Royal’
23 CYRIL POACHER voice: Plenty Of Thyme
24 JOHNNY DOUGHTY voice: The Streets Of Port Arthur
25 SAM LARNER voice: The Lofty Tall Ship
26 POP MAYNARD voice with chorus: Polly On The Shore

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