Lizzie Higgins was born in the centre of Aberdeen in 1929, the daughter of Jeannie Robertson the world-renowned ballad singer and the great piper Donald Higgins. Her forbears on both sides were travellers and she inherited a rich heritage of traditional music. At the time of these recordings Lizzie was regarded as the finest living interpreter of Scots traditional song.

1 Wha’s at the Windy
2 Lovely Molly
3 The Fair of Ballnafannin
4 Young Emsley
5 Bonnie Udny
6 Far Over the Forth
7 Laird of the Dainty Doonby
8 The Seasons
9 Davy Faa
10 The Banks of Red Roses
11 The Maid of Glenshea
12 The College Boy

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