Muliti-instrumentalist Andrew Cronshaw variously draws upon the traditional music of the Scottish Highlands, Northern Spain, Finnland and his native England to weave a music of great beauty and originality. 1993’s The Language of Snakes was his sixth solo album. Working with a close band of musical collaborators, Cronshaw magically transforms his disparate source material with a series of unexpected textures and arrangements.

1 Through Moorfields
2 Kindness For Ever More
3 MacDonnel’s March / Kilcoy’s March
4 Baile de Procesión
5 Cronnan na Caillach a bhan sa Bhein Bhreic
6 Marcha Procesional do San Benito
7 Apple Praities
8 Ailean Duinn
9 A Maruxa
10 The Waterford Waltz
11 Tupakkarulla / Tuuti Hussaa Ja Lullaa / The Other Boot Dance
12 Hithil Ùil Agus Ò, Hithil O Hòrino
13 Tha Mi Sgith ‘m Ã’naran
14 An Gille Donn / Vaskilinun Vaikerrus

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