The Northumbrian Small Pipes have, at various times, been called seductive, wild, plaintive, lyrical, exciting and sophisticated. These apparently contradictory descriptions result from the unusual versatility of the instrument as well as the differences in the tonal quality of individual sets of pipes. Thus it is possible for each performer to develop his own characteristic style of playing. This album is compiled from some of the most outstanding performances on the instrument ever recorded.

1 Tom Clough Keel Row
2 Diana Blackett-Ord Westering Home
3 John Hepple with George Hepple (fiddle) Whittingham Green Lane / Ward’s Brae
4 Billy Pigg Wild Hills O’Wannie
5 The High Level Ranters King’s Hall John Of Carrick
6 Billy Pigg Gypsy’s Lullaby / The Hawk / Memories / Coates Hall
7 George Atkinson Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be?
8 Joe Hutton with John Armstrong (fiddle) Sir Sidney Smith’s March
9 Joe Hutton Lovat Scouts / Roxborough Castle / Bonny North Tyne / Alston Flower Show
10 The Cut & Dry Band Sunderland Lasses
11 The High Level Ranters Fenwick Of Bywell
12 Joe Hutton Barrington Hornpipe / Rowley Burn
13 The High Level Ranters Proudlock’s Hornpipe / Hesleyside Reel
14 Tom Clough Ho’ley Ha’Penny / Elsie Marley
15 The Cut & Dry Band John Fenwick’s the Flower Among Men
16 Colin Caisley & Forster Charlton Salmon Tails Up The Water / The Herd On The Hill / Sweet Hesleyside
17 The High Level Ranters Coilsfield House / Thom’s March
18 Billy Pigg Skye Crofters / The Swallow’s Tail
19 The Cut & Dry Band My Laddie Sits O’er Late Up / Shew’s The Way To Wallington / Drops Of Brandy
20 The High Level Ranters The Surprise
21 The Cut & Dry Band Bonny Woodside / Coffee Bridge
22 The Cut & Dry Band Dr Whittaker’s Hornpipe / Nancy
23 The High Level Ranters Hewham Quadrille (Billy’s Jig) / Kielder Fells

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