A three CD collection of Ballads sung by British and Irish Traditional Singers.

Good People, Take Warning is presented and selected by the noted folklorist Steve Roud from classic recordings made in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.
Series editor: Reg Hall

The emphasis in the presentation of the Voice Of The People series has been weighted towards the social lives and values of the performers. This volume, however, focuses on the history and meaning of the songs. It wasn’t thought necessary by field collectors in the 1950s to enquire very deeply into the family and social background of the singers they were recording, with the consequence that they very often documented only with thumbnail sketches.

1. Bob & Ron Copper: The Bold Fisherman
2. Jean Elvin: The Boston Smuggler
3. Maggie Chambers: Doran’s Ass
4. Bess Cronin: Molly Bawn
5. Paddy Doran: Seven Yellow Gypsies
6. Ben Butcher: In Sheffield Park
7. Maggie Stewart: The Braes o’ Strathblane
8. Phil Tanner: The Bonny Bunch of Roses
9. Jeannie Robertson: Johnnie Cock
10. Gabriel Figg: Holloman’s Ivy
11. Sarah Makem: Carolina and the Sailor
12. Lucy Stewart: The Jolly Beggar
13. Thomas Moran: The Blind Beggar’s Daughter
14. Jim O’Neill: Her Mantle So Green
15. Mick McAlinden: My Father’s Serving Boy
16. Maureen Melly: The Trip over the Mountain
17. Sam Larner: The London Steamer
18. Phoebe Smith: The Oxford Girl
19. Margaret Jeffrey: When I Was a Young Maid

1. Jean Elvin: Blooming Caroline
2. Harry Cox: The Crabfish
3. Bess Cronin: Barbara Allen
4. Mary Toner: Jogging up to Claudy
5. Harry List: The Light Dragoon
6. Dodie Chalmers: The Golden Victory
7. Gladys Stone: Her Servant Man
8. Seamus Ennis: Captain Wedderburn
9. Sarah Makem: Our Ship She’s Ready
10. Paddy McCluskey: Willie and Mary
11. Lucy Stewart: Two Pretty Boys
12. Jim Copper: You Seamen Bold
13. Jean Mathew: The American Stranger
14. Paddy Grant: McCaffery
15. Thomas Moran: The Blind Man He Could See
16. Ethel Findlater: The Maid of the Cowdie and Knowes
17. Harry Upton: The Wreck of the Northfleet
18. Mary Doran: Oxford City
19. Joe Thomas: The Banks of Sweet Dundee
20. Dot Foubister: The Brig Columbus
21. Michael Gallagher: The Devil and the Bailiff
22. Jim O’Neill: The Moorlough Shore
23. Charlotte Higgins: Lord Bateman

1. Maggie Chambers: The Banks of the Silvery Tide
2. Bob & Ron Copper: The Hungry Fox
3. Lucy Stewart: The Twa Sisters
4. Thomas Moran: Handsome Polly
5. Peter Donnelly: John McCann
6. Togo Crawford: The Gates o’ the Drum
7. Mary Anne Stewart: The Dowie Dens o’ Yarrow
8. Harry Cox: The Squire and the Gypsy
9. Emily Bishop: Blow the Windy Morning
10. Joseph Higgins: The Banks of the Bann
11. Michael Gallagher: Hiring Time
12. Jean Mathew: The Bleacher Lassie
13. Joe Moran: Willie Lennix
14. Sam Larner: Pretty Polly
15. Bess Cronin: Well Sold the Cow
16. Fred Jordan: Six Pretty Maids
17. George Bloomfield: Young George Oxbury
18. Mary McGarvey: Young but Growing
19. Leslie Johnson: Butter and Cheese and All

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