Orfeo, Fay Hield’s splendid second album for Topic Records will be released on Monday 28th May. The album is already receiving some remarkable reviews and sees Fay working with the virtuoso all-star HURRICANE PARTY – Jon Boden(fiddle, guitar, percussion, double bass, mandolin, additional banjo and vocals), Andy Cutting (button accordions, melodeon), Rob Harbron (English Concertina, fiddle, vocals), Sam Sweeney (fiddle, viola, cello, nyckelharpa, vocals) and special guest Martin Simpson (banjo, guitar). Orfeo is surely destined to be recognised as one of the finest albums of the year. The powerful arrangements of traditional songs are fabulously focused around her remarkable voice.

Orfeo is an album of songs to which Fay feels an especially strong connection. Her choice of material and the delivery of it, reflect a rare sensitivity and appreciation of the tradition whilst remaining naturalistic and highly distinctive.

“Orfeo with bold and genuinely compelling arrangements, ensuring an attraction that could reach out well beyond the loyal folk audience. This hearty, full-bodied release embodies a substance and breadth that is likely to garner much acclaim.”
Folk Radio UK

“Hield’s command of her material is unerring and the outcome compelling.”
The Observer

“Her previous album Looking Glass was good, but Orfeo knocks it into a cocked hat… its timelessness and full stature may not become apparent until the time comes to analyse this ‘golden period’ of British folk music.”

Track list:
1. The Lover’s Ghost
2. Wicked Serpent
3. The Parson’s Gate
4. The Cuckoo
5. Pretty Nancy
6. Sir Orfeo
7. The Old ‘Arris Mill
8. The Weaver’s Daughter
9. Tarry Trousers
10. Henry
11. Naughty Baby

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