Classic recordings of Traditional Music from the North-East of England
This record serves as a documentary of the thriving North-Eastern country music tradition in the second half of the 20th century. A tradition that continues to this day. Holey Ha’Penny is chiefly drawn from the 1954 field recordings by Peter Kennedy, with the addition of the only known record of the famous Northumbrian piper Tom Clough.

Tom Clough – Northumbrian Pipes 4.1.29
Jake Hutton – Fiddle, Bewcastle Fells, Cumberland 30.6.54
Tom Hunter – Fiddle, Bewcastle Fells, Cumberland 30.6.54
Billy Ballantine – Piccolo, Bewcastle Fells, Cumberland 30.6.54, Haydon Bridge, Northumberland 6.7.54 and Wark, Northumberland 29.6.54
Jimmy Hunter – Mouth organ, Haydon Bridge, Northumberland 6.7.54
Jim Rutherford – Fiddle, Otterburn, Northumberland 8.7.54
Ned Pearson – Fiddle, Cambo, Morpeth 16.6.54
Joe Hutton – Pipes, Stuart Shields, Otterburn, Northumberland 11.7.54
Adam Gray – Fiddle, Barden Mill, Northumberland 1.7.54
Willy Taylor – Melodeon, Warenford, Northumberland 7.6.54, Fiddle, Warenford, Northumberland 7.6.54
Bob Clark – Jews harp, Wltittingham, Northumberland 9.6.54
John Hepple – Pipes, Haltwhistle, Northumberland 1.7.54
George Hepple – Fiddle, Haltwhistle, Northumberland 1.7.54

1 Holey Ha’Penny/Elsie Marley Tom Clough
2 The Gilsland Hornpipe Tom Hunter, Billy Ballantine
3 Morpeth Rant Jim Rutherford
4 Proudlocks Hompipe Billy Ballantine
5 Billy Ballantine’s Reel Billy Ballantine
6 Father’s Polka Ned Pearson
7 Schottische Ned Pearson
8 Varsoviana (Old and New) Ned Pearson
9 Highland Laddie  Ned Pearson
10 My Lodging is on Cold Ground/Bonnie Dundee Joe Hutton
11 Roxburgh Castle/Devil among the Tailors Joe Hutton
12 The Roman Wall Adam Gray
13 Tom Hepple’s Polka (The Girl with the Blue Dress On) Adam Gray
14 The Tow House Polka Adam Gray
15 The Kielder Schottische Jake Hutton, Tom Hunter, Billy Ballantine
16 The Keel Row (with variations) Tom Clough
17 Schottische Billy Ballantine, Jimmy Hunter
18 My Lodging’s on Cold Ground/Blow the Wind Southerly Billy Ballantine, Jimmy Hunter
19 Corn Rigs/The Manchester Hornpipe Bob Clark
20 The Linehope Lope Willy Taylor
21 Willy Taylor’s Polka Willy Taylor
22 Nae Good Luck – jig Willy Taylor
23 Whittingham Green Lane/Ward’s Brae John Hepple, George Hepple
24 Bonny North Tyne Billy Ballantine
25 Mosstrooper’s Polka Billy Ballantine
26 The Coquet Reel Billy Ballantine
27 Heel and Toe Polka Ned Pearson
28 The Pin Reel – jig Ned Pearson
29 Cambo March Ned Pearson
30 The Ferry Boat George Hepple
31 Malorca/Herd on the Hill/Devil among the Tailors John Hepple, George Hepple

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