A collection of Country Singers from Hampshire and Sussex recorded by Bob Copper
In the summer of 1954, the singer and folksong collector Bob Copper went recording in the countryside of Sussex and Hampshire. He collected numerous fine songs from old country singers. This 1977 collection made those important recordings accessible for the first time.

1 The Bonny Bunch of Roses Noah Gillette
2 Epsom Races George Attrill
3 The Banks of The Mossem Jim Swain
4 False Lanky George Fosbury
5 Cruel Lincoln Ben Butcher
6 The Silver Pin Mrs Chapman
7 The ‘Chiner’s Song Frank Bond
8 God Bless the Master Frank Bond
9 The Prickle-Holly Bush Fred Hewett
10 Three Maidens a-Milking Did Go Fred Hewett
11 Her Servant Man Gladys Stone
12 Rolling in the Dew Leslie Johnson
13 George Collins Enos White
14 In Sheffield Park Ben Butcher
15 The Streams of Lovely Nancy Victor ‘Turp’ Brown
16 As Broad As I Was Walking Victor ‘Turp’ Brown
17 Six Jolly Miners Victor ‘Turp’ Brown

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