Few could match the assurance and intensity of Frankie Armstrong’s singing. A committed feminist and radical, Frankie brought a refreshing energy to her performance of traditional and contemporary song. Songs and Ballads her debut album dates from 1975.

Frankie Armstrong vocals with Andrew Brown fiddle, Graham Goffee guitar, Susie Rothfield Appalachian dulcimer and voice, Heather Wood voice and Brian Pearson voice.

1 Little Duke Arthur’s Nurse (acc. fiddle, guitar, dulcimer)
2 The Pitmen’s Union (acc. guitar)
3 Lady Diamond (unacc.)
4 Lament for the Hull Trawlers (acc. fiddle and guitar)
5 The Month of January (duet with Heather Wood)
6 Three Drunken Maidens (vocal trio with Heather Wood and Susie Rothfield)
7 Jack the Lad (acc. fiddle and guitar)
8 The Whore’s Lament (acc. fiddle, with chorus)
9 Little Musgrave (acc. dulcimer)
10 The Collier Lass (unacc.)
11 The Female Drummer (acc. fiddle, guitar, dulcimer, with chorus)

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