Onetime member of the esteemed High Level Ranters, Johnny Handle is also a solo performer of great charm, humour and a wonderful songwriter. The Collier Lad mirrors many aspects of life in the North-east, from the lore of the miner to the lure of the Geordie streets.

Johnny Handle guitar, accordeon & piano with Alistair Anderson English concertina, Tommy Gilfellon Guitar and Colin Ross fiddle.

In Bye
1 The Collier Lad *
2 Dust
3 The Durham Big Meetin’ Day
4 The Old Man of the Village
5 The New Spotlight
6 Farewell to the Monty
7 Stottin’ Doon the Waal *
On Bank
8 The Day we went to the Coast
9 Schooldays
10 Is there Owt Secure?
11 The Old Pubs ±
12 Decorating
13 The Fearless Mariner
14 Danny’s *
* ably assisted by the rest of the High Level Ranters
± with Alistair Anderson, chorus

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