This is the second solo record featuring the singing of Lizzie Higgins, one of our finest traditional singers, recorded in 1975 at the height of her powers.

The north-east of Scotland has been known for 200 years as a region rich in tradition, and recent collecting has shown this still to be the case. Lizzie features on this record some of the big ballads for which the area is famed, such as The Twa Brothers, The Cruel Mother and The Forester. Like her famous mother, the late Jeannie Robertson, she has the grandeur to give these pieces their full majestic impact. Her father, Donald Higgins, was equally important in her musical development, for his piping had a distinct effect upon her singing style, with its fluid decoration and its expressive and commanding tone.

1 Up and Awa Wi the Laverock
2 Lord Lovat
3 Soo Sewin Silk
4 Lady Mary Ann
5 MacDonald of Glencoe
6 The Forester
7 Tammy Toddles
8 Aul’ Roguie Gray
9 The Twa Brothers
10 The Cruel Mother
11 The Lassie Gathering Nuts

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