The several strands that make up Pat Mitchell’s piping are none of them especially unusual, but cumulatively interesting in the way they reveal how Pat’s music has evolved without what has always been held to be the massive benefit of an immediate environment in which traditional music is alive and esteemed. Pat, like many other people who might be classed as urban, twentieth century – some would say, disinherited – has gone looking for his music, and it’s important to document his case for an understanding of how such a person fares, and for some insight into the state of traditional music in Ireland today.

1 Reels: Garrett Barry’s / The Virginia
2 March: Sullivan’s March
3 Reel: Concertina Reel
4 Air: Lord Mayo
5 Reel: College Groves
6 Double Jigs: Port Liadroma / Sean Tiobraid Arann
7 Reel: Star of Munster
8 Single Jig and Double Jig: Frieze Breeches
9 Descriptive Piece: Máirseáil Alasdruim
10 Single Jig: Willie’s Single
11 Hompipe and Reels: Kildare Hornpipe / Castle Kelly / Sailor’s Bonnet
12 Marching tune: Eagle’s Whistle
13 Double Jig: The Maiden That Jigged it in Style
14 Air: An Draighnean Donn
15 Double Jig: The Old Hag in the Kiln
16 Reel: Galtee Reel
17 Double Jigs: The Lark in the Morning
18 Reels: Patsy Tuohey’s Reel/The Green Fields of Rossbeigh
19 Piece: Nora Criona
20 Reel: Flogging Reel

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