Green Grow the Laurels is a representative anthology of songs from southern England. Some of these songs stem from long blackletter broadsides of the 16th and 17th centuries, whilst others are of very recent origin, reflecting the cosmopolitan taste of folksingers throughout the ages. Personal preference obviously plays its part in the transmission of folksongs, but other factors are also involved. Recorded by Mike Yates between 1972-75.

1 Green Grow the Laurels Louise Fuller, Lingfield, Surrey
2 The Rich Lady Gay Harry Upton, Balcombe, Sussex
3 Wexford Town Mary Ann Haynes, Brighton, Sussex
4 The Aylesbury Girl Jack Goodban, St Margarets-at-Cliffe, Kent
5 The Tree in the Wood George ‘Tom’ Newman, Clanfield, Oxford Oxfordshire
6 I Am a Donkey Driver Harry Upton
7 The Molecatcher Louise Fuller
8 Hopping Down in Kent Louise Fuller
9 ‘The Shannon’ Frigate Jack Goodban
10 Young Maria Louise Fuller
11 The Colour of Amber Mary Ann Haynes
12 The Banks of the Sweet Dundee Harry Upton
13 A Single Life Harry Upton
14 A Woman’s Work is Never Done Harry Upton

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