A collection of instrumental country music from the North-east of England. Of all the regions in England where traditional music exists, the North East is probably where it flourishes most strongly. Morpeth Rant is the second record of Northumbrian music to be published from a series of recording field trips made over the past three years. The first was Bonny North Tyne on Topic. The two records demonstrate some of the wide-ranging aspects of the music to be found in a variety of landscapes from the bleak, sheep-inhabited moorlands to the industrial and mining areas. The proximity of Scotland with its many well known country dance bands has had a great effect on local repertoires – as has the migration of Irish musicians to Tyneside. Northumbria has its own very strong tradition of indigenous music – often from the small-pipe repertoire – and concern and love for the local music has led to the composition of many tunes in the traditional form. The tunes on this record reflect the varied influences which have come to bear on the music of the North East.

1 Morpeth Rant / Miss Gayton’s Hompipe / Kathleen’s Fancy / Morpeth Rant Tommy Edmondson
2 Jig selection: AM Shinnie / The Hogmanay Jig / Elizabeth Adair Billy Atkinson
3 Strathspey Medley: Laird o’ Thrums / Iron Man / Laird o’ Drumblair Jimmy Pallister
4 Medley of Scott Skinner Waltzes including Our Highland Queen and Piper’s Wait Alan Coulson & Geoff Purvis
5 Kinclaven Brig / Bill Sutherland Martin Dunn
6 Hornpipes: The Glen Aln / The Redeside Billy Atkinson
7 The Crusaders March Billy Atkinson
8 Jig & hornpipe: Bill Charlton’s Fancy & Madam Bonaparte Geoff Purvis & Alan Coulson
9 Military Two Step: Doctor Angus Tommy Edmondson
10 The Beeswing with variations Martin Dunn
11 Jimmy Allen / The Girl with the Blue Dress On Jimmy Pallister
12 The Cheviot Hills Jimmy Pallister
13 Crossing The Minch / Banjo Breakdown Alan Coulson
14 Latham Ladies Alan Coulson & Geoff Purvis
15 Farewell to the Creeks Billy Atkinson
16 Longueval – waltz Billy Atkinson
17 The Farewell with variations Martin Dunn

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