A collection of instrumental country dance music from the North-east of Scotland, played by solos or duets rather than in the ubiquitous country dance-band style.

1. Lady Madeline Sinclair/The High Road To Linton – Alex Green
2. The WHite Cockade/Nigel Gow’s Farewell To Whisky/Miss Jean Milligan – Willie Fraser
3. The Muckin’O’Geordie’s Byre/Kinnegad Slashers/The Bugle Horn – Charlie Brenner
4. The Brig’O’Perth/Reel O’Tulloch – John Grant
5. Forbes Morrison/The Ten Pound Fiddle – Alex Green
6. MacLean Of Pennycross/The Midlothian Pipe Band – Alex Green
7. The Smith’s A Gallant Fisherman/Jenny Dang The Weaver – Willie Fraser
8. John McFadden/Timour The Tartar – Charlie Bremner
9. The 79th’s Farewell to Gibraltar – Various
10. Bonnie Dundee’Hot Punch/Kenmuir’s On An’Away – Willie Fraser
11. J.B. Milne/The Lovat Scouts/The Breakdown/Caddam Woods – Charlie Bremner
12. Polka – Charlie Bremner
13. Smith’s A Gallant Fireman/Soldier’s Joy – John Grant
14. The Kirrie Kebbuck/Sir David Davidson Of Cantray – Alex Green
15. Tam Bain’s Lum/The Blue Bonnets – Alex Green
16. Far Frae Scotia’s Shores/Ally Crocker – Willie Fraser
17. Orange And Blue/Mrs. McLeod Of Raasay – Willie Fraser
18. Highland Wedding – Willie Fraser
19. Dr.MacDonald – Charlie Bremner
20. Lady Charlotte Campbell – Alex Green
21. High Road To Linton/The Mason’s Apron/The De’il Among The Tailors/Timour The Tartar – Charlie Bremne

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